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Airfix 1/24 Harrier GR1A to GR3


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I have the Airfix GR1A Harrier in 1/24 scale and I really want to do it as a GR3. Does anybody know of any conversions and decals

I know there is a GR3 kit that was released later but I already have the GR1A so it would be a bit daft to buy a complete new kit.

Any leads would be greatly appreciated as it would free up stash space if it got built.



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You could try dropping Airfix an email and see if they are willing to supply the sprue which contains the

LRMTS nose and revised fin .

Both the GR3 & FRS1 are still listed in the current catalogue.



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The Airfix GR3 kit is no more than what you have with additional parts to make the conversion. There may be a cut line added in the fuselage, my Harriers are inaccessible or else I'd check, but the tools were otherwise unmodified.

AS the original GR1/AV8A options are included in the GR3 kit, someone here may well have the conversion parts available as spares,



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David Parkins at Flightpath did a conversion which I have in the stash
Not looked at it in years but recall it has a lot of etch to improve the model as well as a resin nose etc
Not sure if he still lists it for sale though but might be worth contacting him
Happy to pull mine and tell you what's in it for sure if you want

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Airfix spares are extremly good but they will probably charge you what is effectively postage. The later kit also includes Sidewinders which I think may be absent from the original kit. You may also think of asking Airfix for a replacement decal sheet in case yours is showing the effects of age? Airfix will normally ask you to contact them in order to pay although this is often after they have sent the bits - they are that quick! I suggest that, if you wanted anything else that you telephoned them and referred to their query reference before they contact you. If you send them a second request then they would charge you again ( this is based upon experience!) but a phone call may save the day!!



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