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Airfix (Replacement) Parts Numbers Needed?


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I'm currently trying to get the replacement parts of a Buccaneer canopy (1/72) and a Wellington prop (1/72).

I don't have the parts numbers and Airfix has asked me for them. Can anyone help? If not - the Lancaster prop number (and I'll get 2)?

Anyone know how much their parts cost too?


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Buccaneer Instructions;

Airfix 1/72 HS Buccaneer S.2B (03055)


Hawker Siddeley Buccaneer S2B / S2-C-D S Mk50



Airfix 1/72 Wellington B.III 04001


Sometimes Airfix charge, sometimes they don't, they do request postage which is around the 3-4 pound mark IIRC.

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Thank you so much :)

I got the Frog Buccaneer when I was a kid (in the 90s) in Bournemouth - my dad got me it - so I want to complete it :)

The Wellington I should be getting for pretty much nothing and just need to replace the props as far as I'm aware (I'll pick it up tomorrow and find out :P).

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