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Aeroplane magazine TSR-2 special

derek burton

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Just been to Tesco and saw the above mag lots of pics some plans looks nice didn't get it myself not sure if need it but might pick it up at the end of the week if they still have some.


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Had a look at this one in Sainsburys today.

£8 & decided to have a look at my existing books on this subject before purchasing.

Looked a bit heavy on the negative aspects to the project & those pictures of it on its side,

having fallen of the trailer are particularly distressing.

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Got a copy yesterday from Smiths and looks good to me,

I found the details of the cabinet discussions leading up

to cancellation especially interesting and the book gives

a well-balanced overview. Some of the photographs are

familiar but that's understandable as the aircraft made

so few flights. Overall I think its worth getting.

Cheers, Paul

PS got 80p off with April discount card too!

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Hmmm, I will have to check this one out but I'm not sure that I want to read more about the politicians :crap: who cancelled it.

Someone once said on this site, it may even have been our leader, that "you can't polish turds", so why read about them?

I bet I end up getting it any way.


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