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Closure of Manston Airport

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Some reports on BBC that Manston ( Kent International) is to close. When I'm over I always pop down to there along with the Airfix shop & two museums never much traffic but would be shame to see it close.

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As a Thanet resident I'm not really surprised. The place has been talked up more times than I care to mention but none of the aspirations have ever become reality. Reading the media I'm not totally clear if they mean the whole thing or simply the "airport" bit. There's a number of businesses that are aviation related and if the whole thing goes assume they'll have to move as well which will be bad news for the local economy.

Part of the problem has been a very vocal opposition to increasing the number of flights and the issues of night flights. Suspect they may faced with a "careful what you wish for" situation. You could build an awful lot of houses on the site.


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