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Wings of Fame, The Journal of Classic Combat Aircraft

Potato Pete

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“Phantom: Spirit in the Skies” by Jon Lake, published 2002 is basically a compilation of the WAPJ/WoF Phantom articles. If all you’re looking for is the Phantom, then it’s probably cheaper than getting separate issues…



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3 hours ago, Filler said:

. . . . .  but I read a comment somewhere that left me wondering if the content only covers aircraft up to a certain point . . . . . 


Depends on the focus of the article.


The main cover picture tended to show an aircraft whose life and service would be covered in detail up until the time of printing but this would perhaps only take up around a third of the volume with the rest being taken up by a wide variety of shorter articles which might be more restricted to a specific time period , operation or operator.


This tended was the case with all of the  titles - Wings of Fame tended more to the historical , World Air Power Journal covered more current subjects and when both were replaced by International Air Power Review this combined both areas.      There was also a short-lived civil aviation journal titled Flightpath which covered both current and historical subjects and while only running to three issues is well worth seeking out.


I was fortunate to have subscriptions to all (including the apparently elusive Volumes 19 & 20 of WoF) and they make invaluable references.


IAPR suspended publication during Mel William's  late wife's illness  but around ten years ago I was involved in providing some material for what was hoped to be a resumption but unfortunately the area of the US east coast where he lived was devastated by a hurricane (Sandy I think) which was perhaps the final straw and the last response I had from Mel he was having to travel a bit just to get an internet signal.     A great pity as all of the publications and the associated books were and remain unique in the way that they approached the subject.

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I will have the full set of the WOF for sale at the Sywell swap meet on 22 May, along with all the World Air Power Journals, if anyone is interested.


See you there, it should be fun


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