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Having found out how to upload pictures, I can now display a couple of my builds. Today we have the Accurate Armour Foden 6x6 Recovery Vehicle. As usual with these resin builds, lots of bits break easy, so much time spent scrap building replacements...the hand rail on the body sides was flimsy and just etched brass, so this was replaced with square tube, string for the lifting howser and front winch cable was replaced with wire sold in packs for hanging pictures on. Operating levers for jib all replaced, as was the etch brass window bar protectors by correct diameter brass rod.........bunk in the back has cotton sheets and featherlite pillars as well as 3D TV in the corner which actually receives sky TV......shame you cannot see them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

I enjoy building these kits but I do hate painting them......my enjoyment is in the build, the hard work is the painting. I used Xtracrylix XA1814 British Deep Bronze Green, a lot!!!! .....as this was the colour these vehicles were initially issued to the units with. I enjoy applying the decals as you can slowly see the vehicle coming to life.......the fun with this one was there are no decals for this kit so it was lots of research and sourcing decals from other kits, used or unused.

I also built the Firing Line AFV432 Engine pack to go with this as I plan a diaroma of the Foden lifting the pack from a 432.......I scratch built the lifting frame and currently I am chopping an Accurate Armour 432 to pieces just to make sure the pack will go in and out............but, sods law, I have cut away engine access bay and the engine is just 2 mil to big, so, thinking cap on at the moment.

Hope you enjoy.








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Like that a lot! I've got a 432, a Ferret and a Chieftain conversion, all from AA, to do. I might start one this weekend.

Glad to hear you like it Rocky. Make sure you make a start this weekend on the ferret......start small, then if the build stalls it isnt so bad. With a big build and so many parts starring at you in a 2 foot square box and some minor resin parts breaking it doesnt appear to bad. At least with a small build, its easy to build a sub assembly, or add a small part to a small vehicle. I have been stalled on my Chieftain Bridgelayer for about 2 years now, the Bridge and Chieftain are built and painted in Gulf colors, its getting the Bridge and Chieftain to join smoothly. Hardest part is getting the scissors(bridge halves to open together)..........I will see if I can get a picture of the build up so far.

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Awesome replica, Ray. I'm in the same camp as you: enjoy the construction, find decalling brings it all to life, but usually find painting a chore - and an often frustrating one at that. Funny how different modellers enjoy different aspects.


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Lovely job. I had been researching all sorts of weathering techniques for my forthcoming Chieftain Mk 10 build until a fellow modeller who had served in my Regiment at the same time as me reminded that with constant PREs and so on the vehicles never got into a really bad state.

Dusty or muddy yes, but not scarred. Your finish is exactly how I remember these looking.

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Very nice looks just like the real thing.

I have happy memories of these vehicle as I was involved in the base overhaul program


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