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Tiddler Flys Over Forest of Sponge ;) Vulcan Duo Build XM597 XM595 Airfix & Dragon 1/72 1/200

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Looking forward to seeing them at the show Rob!


I hope you can. I am about to get to work on it now, Just got in from the night shift. Breakfast then work.

Cheers Rob ;)

Grand work on both Rob. Not sure if Scale Aircraft Conversions do a set of metal legs for the 72nd scale job but that would impart plenty strength.

Aye I am tempted by them just not sure I can afford them at the moment. Wages are slim this month. But I have plenty of Plastic Undercarriage knocking around off the other 15 or so Vulcans. So if I can find a form of PVA that is both strong enough to hold them in and display it but allow me to remove them if needed I might got that route, Then when I build the Pitroad one I sad the same and ended up Poly Cementing them in.

I hear differing opinions on Airfix Vulcan undercarriage some say they are tough enough others say they are weak. Metal I guess must be stronger but I have heard its prone to deforming over time due to it being soft metal.

If only they cast it out of sterner stuff.

Cheers Rob ;)

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Good morning / afternoon Folks.

Back too it now. I am turning my attention to the Ill fitting bomb-bay this must be one of the work fitting parts on the Airfix Vulcan, Usually the contours are at odds with the Fuselage.

So I test fit it ant bent it a little to help me and then first lightly glued it and got it to sit as flush as I could in most areas.

When it had set I started using pieces of sprue to tension it into the closest possible alignment to the Fuselage. As it sets I will add yet more sprue to build an internal frame to reinforce it and hold it true.

Then I need to move the windows and close her up.





Cheers Rob ;)

Also has anyone got any upper surface shots of XM595 in the original Camo scheme ?

I always try and replicate each Vulcans unique variation in patter to try and give them their own character. If not I will pick another to copy from. I don't really like using generic patterns if I can help it.

Cheers Rob ;)

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Hi Nigel. Thanks very much. They are amazing photos and they will be useful for when I finally get around to doing a Falklands XM597 but for 595 and 597 in the 60s scheme its a little different.

For 597 I have this to work off. Same Vulcan Different times.

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I sure do like that earlier paint scheme. Just goes to prove what you can do with big engines and a big wing, although i'd guess the low level ride quality could be miserable for sustained periods.


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I sure do like that earlier paint scheme. Just goes to prove what you can do with big engines and a big wing, although i'd guess the low level ride quality could be miserable for sustained periods.


I would not know about ride quality but only ever heard good things about the Vulcan except for the poor escape for the 3 chaps in the back.

The early low level scheme does Rock seriously don't it. Just looks perfect to me.

Cheers Rob :)

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Well I think I can finally close the Fuselage halves now after this Update.

I did my best to move the windows 4mm to the right and Up. I did my best to get the Symmetry but I think its a hair off but its good enough for Jazz.

I just used my fingers to Twist the Drill bit after making a guide hole with a small file.





Then I filled a small angle on the 4 surfaces of the 2 Fuselage half's (.......half's or halves ... hmm one to discuss that)

This will make mating up the wings which have been treated the same way easier it should reduce the need to shim or fill.


I wanted to create a back plate for the air intakes to give me a wall to fill the small gap with and also help further secure the heavy resin intakes in. so I cut and fitted these from plasticard scrap.



The bomb-bay has now been reinforced the same way I made the internals for the wings.


I thought I would re-scribe these a little


Then I added yet more supports for the resin intakes made again from sprue............not much plastic being wasted on this kit..;)

So with that I will clean the insides to get rid of any dust that might appear in the canopy later and join the two Halves up YAY !! :bounce:

Cheers all ;)

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Well I got the fuselage together but it was not easy I have test fitted it loads of time but the top half was a little warped and needed me to pry it apart and re fit it a second time as the lower half proved to need yet more support on the Bombay area just forward of the doors so more sprue went in.

The final structure is this :


It's really fought me and the intakes and exhausts will need more work. It's just made more work for me despite a week test fitting and tweaking.

With the exhausts I am not sure if I will fill file and tidy n hope for the best.

Or cut them back a little and try to replace the outer tube with other tubing or copper pipe.

The good news is that all the big work is done. Now it's a case of tidying up parts fitting more tidying then its canopy painting and wheels time.

As for the tiddler its still needing the blue tak.

If I could just clone myself I might have a chance. Got the day clear tommoro might have a chance.

This race to beat the deadline is getting like the spitfire build .... I wonder if anyone will open a book again Haha ;)

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Time to take the gloves off Rob :boxing: and come out fighting, I am sure you will beat it into submission. Keep going, your nearly there.

HAHAHA Funnily enough this morning as I was almost hugging in and wrestling with the centre section and trying to make the wings fit better. I thought to myself.

This is what I love in a kit something to fight with. It touches the male buttons I guess. its funny to think we get enjoyment out of sitting alone fighting and swearing at bits of plastic !...

I love it. cheers Rob


I have indeed got a fight on. I have been working hard this morning on the centre section making the fit of the wings better as this kit is sadly not the best fitting one I have had for the most part its fine but the centre section being a little warped has been a pig to sort out.. Fun though

This is were I started this morning I needed a little tidy of the workbench as it was starting to represent a warzone.


I had to strap up the centre section good before I went on my night shift last night.. Well molded dont mean its straight and true.

I set about reducing the curved plates that lay between the inner intakes and centre Fuselage section. I marked out with a pencil were they should be using the mold line to give some symmetry.

Then set to work with the Sandvick tool.




Here you can see on the left the original and on the right how far I have taken it back. The Airfix ones are way too long and this was one of the things on the hit list of pointers General Melchett advised I try and sort out.


After much fumbling around cursing and filing of the wings connecting tabs and slots I was scratching my head thinking back to a few years ago when I last did one of these. I was thinking I am sure there was something else I used to do to get the fit and angle of these wings right... Then I had a "Farther Jack" moment "I remember !"

It is the wheel well attachment.

On my others they were all wheels up so I did some drastic cutting on this as I found it problematic to fit and anhedral angle of the Vulcans wings. They should hang a little down not point upwards.

So this area needs sanding and angling a little in favour of anheadral rather than dihedral.



This is the roughly reduced plate behind the intake.



The intakes were quite gappy on the lower edge so I used some of this to give me a head start before I finalize with milliput and patience.... Its Deluxe Materials Glue and Glaze I have not used it much yet but I have heard favorable things about it from various people and picked it up from Little Cars at Huddersfield show.

It certainly drys clear I just hope Its water proof when set in-case this Vulcan gets hijacked like in Thunderball... :fool:




Right while that sets Its time to get the blue tak on the tiddler and then spray on the MSG and see what she looks like.

Cheers Rob ;)

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Rob, I like the look of that Sandvik tool, where did you get that?

Hi mate. My Grandad Give it me. Its an 80s tool I have used it for years and never swapped the blade its still brill. They are quite rare now I am told.

Great tool If you can find one buy it.


a minor update while I am at it.

I have started masking off the Dark Green and XM595 was one of the many B2s of this era that had the Squared off portion on the nose were the Rear part of the Radome was fitted.

Here I am masking this off with Tamiya Tape before doing the rest with blue tak. I can't find any top shots of XM595 so I am looking at what I can see and using another vulcan to get a camo pattern thats as Authentic as I can make it look.

Cheers Rob ;)




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Right well got a bit way laid today.....Again !!..

But I have made some more progress. This update is for the Little Vulcan XM595. I have spent a bit of time researching today trying to find as many photos of her as possible and I have managed to capture something close to her camo pattern the best I could from carefully looking at the way each green area snakes and contorts.

For me when I am modelling any RAF subject I love to try and emulate the particular airframes quirks in Camo Pattern. No 2 are the same they all have their classic pattern for whatever your modelling Hunter, Tornado, Vulcan, Whatever. But for me each has Its own Character and its important to me. I suppose its a bit like each pigeon has its own little variation in feather colors and the pattern is generally the same but has its own personality.

60s Vulcan had quite a lot of variations here and XM595 has some unusual proportions in some areas of her green snakes of camo. Usually a Vulcan has some parts of the camo that look like the end of a dog bone but this one did not have that.

Here she is now so I am gonna get that MSG on :frantic:

Cheers Rob ;)



BTW to anyone who like me loves the blue tak method. When rolling sausages it can kill the backs of your fingers. I have found if you use the cardboard packet it not only rolls longer and more perfect round sausages that are even. It also prevents pain and speeds up the process dramatically ;)

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Lookin' great, Rob.

Thanks and if I do say so myself I think now shes looking stunning. I was so excited when I took the masks of my experiment with the paint has gone exactly how I wanted it too after a year of pondering.

Here she is now. :frantic:





Cheers Rob ;)

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Tip top - and carry on

Rob, that looks so good. I am so pleased that it came out this well for you. TBH seeing such a well finished model as this makes me a bit emotional. Great work.

Well thanks very much guys and Nigel that is a compliment. If its true my model made an emotional impact on you that really is wonderful and makes it all worth while.

Many thanks Rob ;)

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Well it is a beautiful morning and I decided to take the small vulcan out to see what the paint scheme looks like in the sun I am chuffed with it. :)

My first Vulcan of the year here she is in her present state in the sun. I love spring







I am really enjoying this build can't wait to get the big one painted the same ;)

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Can't wait to see these for real - family day out to Cosford next week :o)

Oh I hope I can get them done for then. The little one is needed to prove my paint experiment would work for the big one which is the one for cosford as 1/144th and 1/200th are not allowed on the table. I will bring this little one with me too.

I think the Bomber Command tabe is 1/72 or bigger only.

I might find someone who might let me display this on thier table though who knows.

Cheers Rob ;)

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Well the morning was spend masking off the black silver portions etc. quite fidly but relaxing too. Plenty to burnish with the cocktail stick.




Cheers Rob ;)

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I have opted for these paints to brush paint the various nefarious areas. Both with W&N Flow Improver added and applied with Hairy stick.





Now I hope the masks work well. after these are taken off I need to Paint the ECM plates. On XM595 they were not white the look Grey or bare metal. Does anyone know what colour they were. Here Is a photo I found of her please debate and let me know what I should go for as time is ticking.

I would post the Photo but I am now concearnd of getting into trouble. If you click this link you can see XM595 the ECM Plates are between the engine tunnels.

What colour do you think they are. ?


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Well I am Have the masks off now. All I need to do Is work out what colour the ECM plates are painted in the attached photo link and then Its nearing klear, windows n decals time.

I am guessing a grey http://www.airport-d...000296346L.html but it could be silver , Its lighter than the black radome and black panel, but darker than the exhausts. So I am guessing Dark Sea Grey or MSG.

I guess If no one knows I will have to just make my best guess.

Cheers Rob ;)

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