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Wingnut Wings 1:32 Sopwith Triplane


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Completed this just in time to hand it over to the Kingston Aviation Heritage Project last time at the West MIddlesex club. It is one of six Sopwith models we built for them to be used in their desire to keep the Kingston's heritage in the public limelight. After handing them over we were given an excellent presentation on the history of Sopwith which became Hawker and finally BAe and the aircraft they built in Kingston, Dunsfold and Langley. Although this was my first ever build of a biplane/triplane in this scale i enjoyed it for the most part and learnt a lot, which hopefully I'll be able to be put into good use in future projects.

Build thread HERE





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B,.....U,......TI,.......FULL,........very beautiful indeed,......well done that man! I can smell the caster oil and dope just by looking at it, I have to try one of these gems, it looks as if you could stick a pin through the stretched Irish linen!

Cheers for posting it,


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I like that, beautiful!!

I'm just putting the finishing touches to a 1/48 Strutter so can really appreciate the work that goes into these things.



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Thanks guys.

John, hmm! An Albatross could be interesting.

Peter, go for it. The rigging is daunting, but taking it methodically really reaps rewards.

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