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Hartmann's Bf109G-6

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Next in the cabinet is the Erich Harmann’s Bf109G-6 in temporary winter camo. The kit is the well known Hasegawa JT48 and is actually quite good. I added some Eduard parts for the cockpit, wheel bays and flaps. Painting was done the original way. I started with the standard mottled scheme and over sprayed it with the temporary winter scheme. The nose Tulip was also sprayed instead using the decals. During the process I ruined the Erla Haube and I had to order a complete new kit for this item alone, Luckily there is also a classic hood included in the kit so I can still build a new Bf109G-14.

Thanks for watching.






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Thanks m8's for the kind words. Finding references on this particular aircraft was hard, but I think this is a close resemble of the real thing. For instance Harmann didn't have a direction antenna or a antenna mount on top of the fuselage, something I often see on other models of this aircraft.

Nice work lad!!!

The flaps/speed brakes are a nice addition to the whole build though, I'm not quite sure if they were open when the aircraft was parked.

According to my references sometimes they were open on the ground, however the top flap was often in a lower position than on this model. But this way I had a better view on the hard work inside. :winkgrin:

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:thumbsup: That is a head turner. Paintwork - Absolutely FAB!!!


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