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I have lots of GB Banners and don't want a huge signature


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Here's a quick and easy way of showing your allegiance to numerous Group Builds, put up a slide-show of your rceent builds, or just show multiple small pics you wanted in your signature, without falling foul of the Mods asking you to reduce the size of your signature to save people from RSI and broken scroll-wheels on their mice.

Go to an online Gif Creator website - I used http://www.gifmaker.me for this example, but Google will turn up plenty of varying quality. Make a folder on your computer containing all the images you want to upload, and click on the Upload Images button, selecting all that you want to upload with CTRL+click (or CTRL+A if you want them all). Wait for them to upload after you press Open, and then fiddle with the size settings, as well as the animation speed. I found 2,000 milliseconds (2 secs) to be a useful speed to give people time to look without being too boring. Here's a random one that I knocked up in a couple of minutes using some GB Banners I pinched from people's signatures:


Dead simple, and you then just have to download it, upload it to your photo-hosting site, and add it to your signature. Remember to check the maximum sizing before you do, or we'll still beat you with clubs :wicked:

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