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Pre-Painted Photo Etched Instrument Panels (for Various Kits) - 1:72 Yahu Models

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Pre-Painted Photo Etched Instrument Panels (for Various Kits)

1:72 Yahu Models


With modern computer assisted design and tool cutting technology, it seems that more detail than ever is being squeezed into our humble polystyrene kits these days. Even the entry level kits in Airfix's series one range now pack in so much detail that it makes resin upgrade sets seem superfluous a classic case of gilding the lily. That said, there are still areas where modern kits can be improved upon and where aftermarket items are generally the safest bet.

A nice set of photo etched harnesses is one such example. These photo etched instrument panels from new Polish manufacturer Yahu is another. Often even the most modern kits lack moulded details on the instrument panels, with manufacturers opting for decals to represent instrument details instead. This is ok, but if you want to add more detail then you are faced with the prospect of buying a complete set of photo etched parts even if you only really want a few bits. For these reasons, I think these photo etched instrument panels are a really good idea. They look pretty well made and are cheap as chips to boot. Do bear in mind that the photographs below were taken with a dedicated macro lens which has magnified these items many times over. The actual parts are tiny and look even more impressive in the flesh. Six different sets are available, including two versions of the panel for the Nakajima Ki-44 Tojo (assembled or unassembled).

PZL P.11C Instrument Panel (for Azur or Heller kit)



PZL P.24 Instrument Panel (for Azur kit)



Gloster Gladiator Mk.I Instrument Panel (for Airfix or Sword kit)



Reggiane RE.2002 Instrument Panel (for Sword kit)



Fiat CR.32 Instrument Panel (for Italeri kit)



Nakajima Ki-44 Tojo Instrument Panel (for Sword or Hasegawa kit)




These are the first products from Yahu that we have received here at BM (direct from storymodels.com), and I have to say I am quite impressed. The quality is generally very good and the level of detail is impressive. Each set is nicely packed into a small plastic bag with a sturdy cardboard header and insert to protect the contents. Again, the photographs above show the parts greatly magnified. They look very realistic in the flesh which, combined with their affordable price, makes them very appealing. Recommended.

Review sample courtesy of forum-logo.jpg

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