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More updates!

Fuselage and wings where put together and primed with AK Interactive's gray primer.




Some clumsy pre-shading followed... I need to improve my airbrush control. Still, getting better at it...



Also did the prop...


Now for the fun part....

The fuselage-wings assembly and the separate control surfaces were painted with a mix close to what Tamiya was suggesting. The base colour was lightened with a bit of white, in two or three steps, and each time some spot-painting was done, to add some variety. The bottom is a gray-ish white with lots of gray and white spots and streaks.








I was lucky enough that my airbrush handling betrayed me only on parts that are hidden by decals etc.


And some different lighting...


Now the next bit required a bit of thought, trials on an old model and lots of courage, as it felt like a risky task. I wanted to do some heaving paint chipping on the wing roots. However, I wanted to show the bare metal and the zinc `primer'.

My original plan was to do some paint chipping with Vallejo's medium - however I felt I could not control the pre-shadingn that way. Instead... I chose to use some sponge to do the zinc spots and brush-paint some Humbrol 11 on top of that. Good thinning of the paint is essential. I think I will need to do some sanding in some points as the paint was a bit thick.

The primer...



And the bare metal






I am reasonably happy with the outcome. Some more chipping here and there to follow, before I apply some gloss coats, decals and some oils.

Thank you for watching!

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A few more updates...

While I was waiting for the fuselage to dry up properly I finished the prop (needs a mat varnish in the pic below)


Chipping was done with a little sponge and a silver pencil for some finer streaks:


I have then started working on the walkways. I could not determine why Tamiya has not included those or they are not referenced. Maybe some planes did not have them? I decided to do them anyway, as it is another excuse for some weathering.

The outer markers where masked and painted black:


The outcome, including some added weathering on the upper surfaces:


Next is the main walkways... more in a few days.

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Next step was to spray a couple of layers of clear (Pledge) and apply the decals. The model's panel lines where highlighted with oils - a combination of Black and Industrial Earth from the 502 Abteilung oils which are excellent.




The control surfaces where highlighted with oils (Light Mud).


More weathering to follow...

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Indeed, its been too long... Since I started this I became a dad and now I am about to switch jobs and move near Chester. So I expect more delays :P

But... for the time being I am having fun!

I wanted to soften the colours on the underside, so I used oils to add some streaks etc. Will add more, once I get around ordering some colours I am missing.



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More updates, before another break for moving houses....

I decided to experiment with oils, to enhance the look of different surfaces and plates. Using a couple of colours I added streaks and faded paint spots, toned-down decals etc. Pastels where used for the smoke stains.






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I don't know how I missed this build 'til now, perhaps because it was started so long ago. You have turned one of Tamiya's best 1/48 kits into a masterpiece. I especially like what you did with the cockpit, and the weathering, with some fuel staines on the upper cowling it will be perfect.



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Thank you for the kind words. Indeed, it was started long ago. But I have to admit, it has been lots of fun.

There will be a little pause, again, as I am moving in a few days. Will pick it up in a couple of weeks!

I am trying to figure a nice way to do the spider-like spill in-front of the cockpit.



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Hello all,

I am back at this, after some time for moving to a new house. Seems that in the move I managed to loose one of the most important pieces of the kit. The canopy...

I do have the second piece (without the bulge) and I am trying to see which is the correct option for Dangerous Dan.

The only image I have/know of the airplane is:


I can not really make it out, however I figured more knowledgeable modelers may be able to understand from the mirror configuration.

Any ideas?

Btw, Supercale and Tamiya indicate a flat-top canopy - not that their illustrations are necessarily accurate...

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Shameless bump - any ideas? I can not get any convincing reference for the time and I am tempted to continue with the build and leave the canopy business last - and possibly use flat-top just to complete the project.

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