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New and Updated decals from Oldmodels Decals

Oldmodels Decals

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Oldmodels Decals announces the following additions to its Digital range:

NAC F27-100 “Friendship” scheme 1 (BXA-BXD)

NAC F27-100 “Jet Prop Friendship” scheme 2 (BXA-BXH)

NAC F27-100 and -500C “National Airways” scheme 3 (BXA-BXI, NAA, NAB, NAF, NAH, NAN and NAO)

NAC F27-100 and -500C/F “Wings of the Nation” scheme 4 (as for scheme 3 plus NFA-NFC)

These are available in 72nd and 144th scales. Other scales remain available through the Inkjet range.

Recently updated decals in the high quality Inkjet range:

DHC-3 Otter Vulcanic Air Safaris (now has older and newer markings and general improvements) in 1/48, 1/72 and 1/144

DHC Dash 8 – 100/300 Ansett New Zealand (both schemes) in 1/72 and 1/144

DHC Dash 8 – 100 Ansett Newmans in 1/72 and 1/144

Piper PA31-350 Chieftain Ansett Regional in 1/72

Piper PA31-350 Chieftain Tranzair in 1/72

Dornier 228-100/200 Tranzair – Austral in 1/72 and 1/144

The Ansett NZ / Tranzair decals have been updated with new information provided by the Ansett official historian. Improvements to the B737-100/200, F27-400, Bandierante, Beech 99 and Jetstream 31/32 schemes are under action.

As always these decals are available through my website and TradeMe (NZ customers only).


Oldmodels Decals


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