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Classic Batmobile Collectors Edition Tin - Round2Models - Polar Lights 1:32

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Classic Batmobile Collectors Edition Tin

Round2Models - Polar Lights 1:32


Its not often you can quote straight from the manufactures blurb about a kit, however the information from Round2models / Polar Lights sums up this kit perfectly.

That opening theme song. Those bright, cheesy costumes. And that wonderful car! The legendary Batmobile kit based on the classic Batman television series has returned at last. This is the real thing, moulded using the original tooling!


While Batman has gone onto be a major movie franchise earning billions of Dollars, for those of us of a certain age there is only one Batman and Robin; Adam West and Burt Ward from the 1960s ABC show. Over 120 episodes of this were made and they are still showing them on TV now. Yes the colours were bright, the sets the same and the dialogue incredibly cheesy; but they were fun. While I enjoy the modern darker Batman films the original TV series will still be fun to watch. The original Batmobile was simply COOL. The Batmobile from this show was a Lincoln Futura concept car which was hand built in Italy. This car was modified by George Barris for the TV show. Barris purchased this car from Ford for $1, and later sold it for $4.62 Million!

The Kit
The kit arrives in a metal collectors tin. Inside the tin is the model box, modern printing but the same design as the original. To complete this collectors edition there is an A3 sized poster featuring a Batmobile schematic / blueprint.

Construction Starts with adding parts to the top body shell. The bar between the two seats is added along with dual antennae and the siren/flasher unit. The front grille is added, the engine firewall, dashboard, steering wheel, rocket launchers, jet exhaust and rear parachute packs.


Following this the seats, interior door panels, and a couple of internal parts are added to the lower floor pan. Figures of Batman and Robin are added at his stage if you wish. The wheels and hub caps are built up and attached to their axles after the axles have been placed in the floor plan. It looks like these are designed to rotate.



Lastly the body is attached to the floor pan, the front and rear wrap around windshields are added.


A fairly small decal sheet is provided with the kit. This includes the bat symbols and the red striping for the car. Additionally on the end of the sheet are copies of the original kit decals. I am not sure who makes Round 2's decals and not having used them I cant say how they will perform. They look thin and have minimal carrier film though I would have prefered the red a bit deeper, it does look a little washed out.


While this kit is certainly vintage, the parts count is small and it should provide for a quick build unless the modeller want to goto town on it. A great trip down memory lane for those of us who love the old school Batman. The collectable tin will also make a great addition to the model room / shed and will be useful for those biscuits which need to accompany our tea / coffee. Altogether now: da na na na na na na na BATMAN!

Review sample courtesy of logo.gif UK distributors for round2-logo.gif

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The first 9 dates with my now wife were 8 meals and a movie, we did dinner, dinner, dinner, dinner, dinner, dinner, dinner, dinner batman!!

He he, nice looking kit, pity it's not a bit bigger.



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