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I've researched the Buccaneer and it appears to me that it's one of the most thoroughly documented aircraft on the internet. On top of that, the help and enthusiasm from everyone involved, from modellers, ( General Melchett in particular) to those who keep the real thing running at Bruntingthorpe, ( Colin Robinson) has been invaluable.

Much credit to all the real enthusiasts!

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Fantastic resource...still looking for Tropical Trials a/c Libya, ex Boscombe Down (c.1965-1968). I have deteriorated Super8 cine film, which seemed to be all the rage then...but it's so bad I can't use it. I'm certain they were 801 machines, as intimated to Gengriz but I just can't get any hard data. Does anyone have any details please?

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Back again, but to say I'm indebted to www.blackburn-buccaneer.co.uk

A truly wonderful site...

Firstly, I would like to thank Andy White (site Author) and R. Kelley for such an invaluable source of information.

Secondly, I'd like to thank sailorboy61 for the link to the site which has proven to be an important secondary source for my research. It has given me a key piece of information, in that it has helped me clear up one of the mysteries of my early life (memories blur from this perspective of the past), and has confirmed my father's whereabouts, his squadron and the marque they were working with. It does however throw up a couple of other problems working on my Father's naval career, but it has given me something to look at...

In the post above I made the request,"...still looking for Tropical Trials a/c Libya, ex Boscombe Down (c.1965-1968)."

If I'd read the entire site I would have spotted my errors and jogged my memory in the process, both invaluable clarifications for my current long-term project in reconstructing my father's long technical career in the Fleet Air Arm.

At first I came upon this entry for Buccaneer S Mk.1, Serial XN 923 C/N B3-03-61...

07/09/62 - Tropical trials at RAF Idris, Tripoli, Libya - 7th to 21st September, 1962.

But that couldn't have been as my sister was born in November, 1962; when Dad was an instructor at HMS. Condor, Arbroath.

So I looked further, confused at a possible memory lapse, and came up with this airframe, accompanied with the entries underneath:

Buccaneer S Mk.2D, Serial Number - XK 527 C/N B3-01-60...

12.05.1964 - To 'C' Squadron, A&AEE Boscombe Down 'Controller Air release and Tropical Review.
01.07.1964 - To RAF Idris, Tripoli, Libya, with 'C' Sqn. for 'Tropical' trials. BINGO...one of his airframes at last!!! :D

There is a lot more to tell as Dad went to Canada and did other bits and pieces whilst on 'C' Squadron, e.g., a certain ex-naval trainer earned him the nickname 'Mr. Sea Balliol'; but for the time being that's all I'll divulge as I still have a long way to go.

Thanks everyone, especially Britmodeller - Admin, mods and members!

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