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Excellent! I knew you'd be the man Ray! :worthy: From what I heard, the second 757 flew to Norwich for painting with the third to follow soon. Hopefully these two will be in full Aer Lingus livery. The white scheme on the current 757 looks patchy and seems to have been rushed into service. I wonder if it will eventually be painted in the full scheme. It's a pity they didn't do one retro 757 with the old 80s green top.

Now all we need is a nice injection 757!



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I think it a coat of paint in the shape of a horse shoe!

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Been in geneva on holiday.

Whilst doing that post I lost internet connection and for some reason it posted that... Which contains a typo.

A 757 of Finnair arrived early Tuesday morning for a lick of paint at Air Livery.

She should emerge tomorow, but I'm in college all day so I'm doubting weather I'll get a picture off her.

I'll try though :)

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:blush:Just because I thought they wouldn't

'LBS is in full livery

I can't post links but a quick google should get it...pics on the net taken after roll out.

Very nice - screen print artwork started :)




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I think I know your problem Garry. I'm guessing your toolbar is greyed out like this:


If so, click on the little switch icon in the top left corner:


This should 'turn on' all the other icons back to full colour allowing you to click on the various buttons:


Hope this fixes the problem.


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