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Monogram 1:48 Bf-109g-10 --FINISHED--

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Well, another update, didn't do much last night, but I did start on the landing gear.


Once I mocked it up, I realized that I had weighted the wheels in the wrong direction... grrr...

I have also sprayed the plane with future, decals to come later.

Comments etc always welcome.


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Well Ive been busy lately, and sadly not with modelling, but here is the update:

I've been slowly chipping away at the stencils, hate the little buggers. I finally finished them, then got a wash on. That tank I was making is also pretty much done.


This picture shows a few of the stencils, but I'm too lazy to take pictures of them all. I'm also not too impressed with the fit of the windscreen, too narrow and too curved on the bottom.


This picture shows the wash well, even if it is a little blurry. a similar color was applied to the topside, but it's not as visible there.

The Tank.


main painting done on the turret...


...and it's finished with spares box decals. (1:72 Mig 29 mostly)


covered in wood filler for a smoother surface.


sanded down and given a coat of future to fill any tiny gaps


main painting done on hull.


mocked up. I added a few more decals from spares, forgot to take a picture. I have no idea why the light is reflecting so weird near the front, but in real life it looks just like the rest of it. I have no idea what to do for tracks, I have no spares, having never built a tank. this tank may end up staying trackless for a while.

Comments etc. are welcome


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Got some work in last night, finished off the landing gear and got the weathering started, just got to finish weathering and do rigging now.

unfortunately, my photos haven't caught up. It doesn't help that that they go from the camera, to a computer, to a flashdrive, to a different computer, then get convetrted to JPEGs then finally get uploaded to photobucket. Anyhow, Picture that I have.


I hope you can see the weathering on the nose and wing roots.


Again, I hope that the weathering is noticeable. I tend to over-weather so I'm trying to restrain myself on this one.

Comments welcome.


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The promised photos, and a little progress. I should be finished by the weekend :)


finished landing gear...


...has been installed, as have the bits & bobs(blurry in foreground)

I also finished up the weathering with a bit of a drybrushing


silver on the wing roots to represent chipping.

Next up, canopy and rigging... yuck

Comments welcome


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Well, probably the last update:

Canopy is on, rigging is done.


I attached the canopy and added two (probably spurious) hinges from brass wire


rigging in progress using fine thread


She's finally finished, I'll do the RFI's sometime in the next few days.

Now, to play with a new toy...


should be fun...:)

Comments are always welcome


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