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New photos! 1/72 Luftwaffe OV-10B Bronco--up from the grave

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This project has been dragging on for ages, so I may as well post a few pics to re-motivate myself a bit. I've wanted to build an OV-10 in German colours for some time, so when I saw a hulk of Revell's kit on Ebay, it looked like just the challenge!

Considering it will sit next to Academy's beautiful OV-10D, some serious work lay ahead--the kit is by no means accurate, modern, or complete--no wheel bays, rudimentary cockpit, raised panels, the wings are too long--etc.

I spliced a resin engine meant for the Academy Bronco into a hollowed-out Revell nacelle and managed to rework some control surfaces--dropped flaps, etc, for the Academy bird into the wings--plenty of cutting and fitting required, given the aforementioned incorrect wingspan...

I could go on, but pictures speak volumes...

Before work commenced

Poor little pony...

Dead Bronco

With a bit of PE, some rescribing, plastic surgery, some interior scratch-building and the such, she was ready for some paint...

Scratchbuilt & PE detail

New undercarriage--old ones beyond repair

First few touches

masked for paint

And some more paint...

Primer, dayglo, masked for olive...

Finally, she's looking up...

A bit of photo-etch for the control panel by Arie.C, on Flickr

Scratch built cockpit tub

And the boot...

Aft cargo bay structural detail

Not suprisingly, I got hung up scratch-building a perspex...

Fabricating the OV-10's new windscreen

This has been sorted now, but I'm trying to get up the energy to scratch build the props, gullwing doors, and finish up the aft glazing...

She's on her undercarriage now--more pics to follow.

Edited by Arie

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My word, your attention to detail is an inspiration, look forward to seeing this one finished, back from the brink

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You must post more soon as this is quite exacting kinda work.

FLAWLESS ....I am impressed by your attention to detail... :mike:

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Is this the 30+ year old kit?


Yes sir, in all it's glory! Decals were long gone...

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Many thanks to all of you for the encouragment; I've made a bit of progress, there is still a lot to be done. I serial the aircraft as 99+32, Tony de Bruyn's ill-fated mount, as a sort of last salute to the old girl http://cdn-www.airliners.net/aviation-photos/photos/9/4/9/2131949.jpg

I'm not 100% satisfied with how the nosewheel sits, and obviously there's still the rest of the glazing & props to be tackled.

The glazing I have finished is cut from plastic bottles and framed with styrene strip. It was a right bugger, and I know it's not perfect, but it's leagues better than the stock kit blob.

It will get an overall flat-laquer touch up, the Johnson's was just for late-added decals...onward to battle!

1/72 OV-10B, Luftwaffe

1/72 OV-10B, Luftwaffe

1/72 OV-10B, Luftwaffe

1/72 OV-10B, Luftwaffe

Edited by Arie

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