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Revell USS Enterprise with lights

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This is the first model that I decided to add lighting to. It seemed so easy to do (as though it was built for it) and it didn't take many alterations to add the LED's and route the wiring. No drilling of the windows, etc, and minimal amount of cutting required.

Though not detailed to an experts eye, when looking at it on the TV it seems that technology was not a priority with their model in the series, whereas cash flow was.

I will try to upload a video as it shows the lights in more detail. More pictures can be found by clicking on this link:







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Beautiful job! :clap2: Mmmm... serious memories of watching the original series at the beginning of the `70's :cyclops:

Thanks for sharing! :worthy:

Thanks Moggy.

I must confess to watching the original series over and over every night, now it is being shown on TV again.

It has such a simple uniqueness about it and, of course, Jim usually always gets the girl.

My youngest daughter (22 yrs) bought all of the original series plus all of the films as she is as much a fan as me.

Just never felt the same about the other series that they did.

Unfortunately she has her own place now but I managed to convince her to leave all the Star Trek dvd's in my safe keeping.


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Hi Guys

I have now managed to upload a video of this kit lit up. It gives a better impression of how the lights look.

When you view it, be sure to turn the sound on/up.

This is the link to the video:


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Brilliant,if it wasn't so late I'd stick on the series one DVD.

I know what you mean. It's the same with Lord of the Rings, you start to watch one and then want to watch them all. Same with Only Fools & Horses and now I have all of the Morecombe & Wise dvd's to watch too.

Need to win some money so I can retire..............

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