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1/72 S Shuttle Tiles and tank texture query


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Hi all,

Don't suppose anybody has seen some of the warbirds 1/72 tile decals for sale have you? I've got their tile codes (which are the numbers for the tiles) but I need the actual tile decals as I intend to sand off the base tiles and apply a decal set.

Secondly, the exterior fuel tank is textured, in filling and sanding the texture is removed, any ideas on a way of creating the same texture or what textured spray I could use?


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I had the same issue with my ET. I replicated the missing pattern with some blobs of filler but found when rubbing them down the adjacent texture was rubbed away noticeably. In the end I redid the whole ET with polyfilla stippled on with a brush and then given a light sanding to take off spikey bits

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Hi Guys,

I know a friend, who has used rustoleum multi-colored textured paint for the ET (1:72) texture and got this nice effect. :coolio:



Source: http://www.arcforums.com/forums/air/index.php?showtopic=232748&st=60

Another German friend had a great idea, he has sprayed the ET (1:144) with spray glue and then sprinkled with fine sand or even better with flour. :analintruder:







Then he has removed the loose residues with a paintbrush,



and then painted with an airbrush and it looks very nice.


Source: http://www.raumfahrer.net/forum/smf/index.php?topic=10818.225

I hope, this can help you. :coolio:


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