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Supermarine F.7/30 224, Heritage Aviation Models Ltd 1/48


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I have started working on my resin "Grandspitfire" - Supermarine Type 224. The kit is made by Heritage Aviation Models Ltd. whitch I bought in Telford competition. The model contains 15 parts and decals. I very like this build and I am going to inspire by this nice build. Now, the fuselage is glued and I am grinding the putty (I think it is for 8th time...). I am looking foward for your comments and please excuse me for my basic english.

Greetings from Czech Republic :bye:

Andrew S




And now my progress:








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After long time, today I made small progress on the S.224. I edged some putty and again aplied putty on bad places. I also made two small bulges on the engine cover.
I am also working on tiny Grunau Baby in 1/72 (on the last photo) ^_^

Andrew.S :)




Filling a holes:



With small glider:


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I worked on my old Supermarine. I had filled the holes in front of wings with thick layer of surfacer from spray. Then I brushed it and did the same again. Now, it seems to be better I hope... ;)
I plan two, or three another layers and it will be good.


Andrew S. :bye:



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On 8/2/2014 at 1:19 PM, Andrew.S said:

Not at the moment, there are some other projects to do, but I hope, that the 224 will come back soon on my table.




I was very sorry for the kit, that it is over 6 years in progress (truly just 2 years on the table and 4 sleeping in the box...) and it is not finished.
In August I came back from the Scotland summer work on the spledid scottish berry fields and had a time to start again after the half year pause after studying for the bachelor degree finlals. That´s over and it´s the right time to finish the started models. 

This year is very special, 100 years of my land - Czechoslovakia, and 100 years of RAF. This silly aircraft is not just right example of the RAF history, but is was part of something BIG. And that´s worthy...


The progress is: - adding the detail all over the surface (too many photos -> modellers death :laugh:), new rear landing spur (how is it in English?), some caps, position lights, tail details and so on...
Than it was also necessary to cut the part of the wing for better fitting the fuselage in it.

The current state - fuselage and wings together, layer of Surfacer applied and the centroplan filled with Tamiya polyester putty.:phew:
I will add photos during the afternoon.;)

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Sanding done! Now the 224 is in the final layer of surfacer and ready for the airbrush. It will be my first NMF surface containing four metal colours and I hope it will be ok in the end (to be honest, I have one shade of titanium silver already...)
After I sanded the putty, I made the new panel lines and bolts and added some details (I hope they will survive to the end...:laugh:)

So there are the last photos befere paint. Hope you like it. ;)



Andrew S.








New Pitot tubes:





New exhaust pipe and panel lines:





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After a few weeks, there is a new progress on painting. I started with the tail, because I wanted to try to use HGW rivets on the fuselage, but it didn´t went very well - they are not visible at all :laugh:. On the tail part there is an Alclas polished aluminium with the base od Surfacer 1000. During the process of airbrushing I learnt many useful skills with the Alclad and next time I will apply this kind of paint only on the silver base (ect. Mr. Hobby C8). Then, the fuselage is mix of Tamiya titan steel, chrome steel and polished aluminium Alclad in various proportion. The same process was done on the chassis gondolas and centroplan with the extra C8 silver panels. The next step was making the wings leading edge which was used as the engine, water and oil cooler, made from the corrugateg iron. This was simulated by very slim stipes mask and two paints - the C8 and polished aluminium. After that the rest of the wings was painted with Agama aluminium coat and the rest of the fuselage was painted the same way as the gondolas and centroplan, only with more polished aluminium and C8 because of the metal parts on this particular part of aircraft. Last step was to paint the exhaust and the details, such as the pitot tube, caps and the tail slide with C8.


The next steps will be decals and masks - they will improve the colouring of the "224" and I am looking forward to that.


I was at the buildind weekend with my modeller's club during this process and build the Zlin Z-37 Bumblebee for my friend (it is in the last picture).


Thanks for watching and I hope you like it.;)
Many photos follow...




















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As always some disaster have to strike - in this case, during the unmasking the leading edge I tore some of the paint with it. For now, it´s in this state and I don´t know how exactly it will be repaired but I will sort out something...🤔



And there she is with the Bumblebee :laugh:



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Masks are done! Next time, I will thing it trough more, working with them is not my cup of tea... Decals are sometimes better. I made a very silly mistake on the left wing, wen I put the mask with the big numbers wrong and realised that after the paint. So the next step was to sand the paint down and now there is a new white and titanium steel for the flap. There is also a small detail of the Dunlop sign on the pneumatics. After the repair, I will post better photos. ;)




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