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Revell - 1/32 - Spitfire Mk.22

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I've build this some time ago, but as I just joined, decided to show some of my builds, this is one of them

Build itself, relatively easy, a lot of work inside, but then decided not to show a thing, as Spitfire will be hang somewhere. Putting nose together was a bit of a pain, but finally finished. Hope you like it. Enjoy.











And a 3D image for those who know how to watch cross-eyed 3D pictures:


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Nice build!

I keep plucking up the courage to build mine sometime.

Love the 3D!

I used to do tons of that years ago, i'll dig out my gear and have another go!

All 6x6 and 35mm back then though, digi this time!


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Very neat build indeed!

Only nitpick would be that silver paint on the prop blades. Rotol props were made of wood and the leading edge protected by a brass sheath – no aluminium or steel anywhere. ;-) Also, I've never seen the leading edge of the fin worn down to metal like that…

Apart from that, relly good work on a so-so kit!

Kind regards,


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