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Mig-21R ProfiPack - 1:48


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Mig-21R ProfiPack
1:48 Eduard


The Mig-21 was the mainstay of many Soviet and Soviet friendly countries during the Cold War and beyond, with some substantial number in service today around the world despite its advancing age. The R variant is a combat capable reconnaissance aircraft, wired up to take various pods containing electronics and optical sensors for photo and electronic intelligence gathering. It can still be loaded with weapons for defensive and offensive operations, in line with the PFS from which is was developed.

The Kit
The box is standard Eduard Profipack with yet another handsome painting of a Mig-21R flying over desert terrain. If you have any of the other variants, or read our past reviews, you'll know what to expect in the box, and that's far from disappointing! This variant shares four sprues with the PFM reviewed in November, and much of the revisions are minor, concerning small surface details such as panel lines and vent locations for the most part. The tail-fin has been separated out from the small parts that were previously around it on the sprue and paired with the spine insert, which could possibly be for the ease of future versions. I'll not go over the construction again, as it is broadly similar to the PFM which is linked above. There are nine sprues in a dark grey styrene, plus a clear sprue, who sheets of Photo-Etch (PE) parts, one fret of which is pre-painted and contains most of the cockpit embellishments, a set of canopy masks, two sheets of decals and of course the instructions with integrated colour painting and decaling guide on the back pages.











The main external differences will be to the "weapons" load, as it would be churlish to invest your hard-earned in a fighting reconnaissance variant and then festoon it with bombs and missiles that although it was capable of carrying, would result in it looking much like any other Mig-21 in your collection. The extra sprue for the pods give you three options for daylight, night-time, and electronic intelligence gathering, one of which is slung under the belly on the centreline station. The instructions tell you which pod to fit on which decal option, and a large number of stencils are included to improve the look of the painted pod.

As is usual with ProfiPack editions, there are five choices of decals with this kit, with plenty of variation in theme to please most modellers, and including two bare metal machines. The decals are printed by Cartograf for Eduard, while the stencils are made locally by an un-named company. Both sheets are very well done, with good register, clarity and colour density. The Cartograf sheet edges it slightly in looks with a thinner carrier film, but the stencils have already been proven to go down well too. A set of cockpit decals are included for those that either don't like PE, or have an accident during the build, and these are very nicely detailed too, rather than an afterthought as seen with some kits.


From the box you can build one of the following:
  • Soviet Air Force, 263rd Independent Reconnaissance Air Squadron, Kabul Airfield, Afghanistan, 1981 Sand over light blue, with brown and green patches over the upper sides. White 39 on the nose.
  • 353rd Reconnaissance Air Squadron, Yugoslavia, 1971 All over bare metal with a red/white/blue stripe on the tail and 104 on the nose.
  • Czech Air Force, Air Test Department, Caslav Air Base, fall 1994 Brown over light blue with dark green patches, checkerboard rudder and intake lip. 1501 on the nose.
  • Polish Air Force, 32nd Tactical Reconnaissance Air Regiment, Sochaczew Bielice Air Base, Early 1980s All over bare metal with red 1423 and winged emblem on the nose.
  • Cuban Air Force, 1980-90s Blue and green camouflage over light grey, Cuban flag on the rudder, and 111 on the nose.


As usual, a separate page is devoted to the application of stencils to the main airframe, and another to the weapons supplied with the kit. A further half page is supplied for the reconnaissance pods.

Another solid entry to the Mig-21 catalogue from Eduard, and some entertaining decal choices. The Cuban aircraft really appeals to this modeller, as the scheme is somewhat colourful and unusual. Add the easy availability of aftermarket from Eduard for those that want to improve further on the already excellent styrene in the box, and you have the best and most detailed styrene kit of the Mig-21 in this scale, with the potential to go mad and super-detail to your heart's content.

Highly recommended.


Review sample courtesy of

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I'd agree - if you like the Mig-21 even a little bit, or even just like well-engineered and nicely detailed modern kits, you should have one in the stash. ^_^

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If you don't have a favorite and no particular model...Look at some side profiles and look at the humps on top of the fuselage. Easiest way to distinguish between the models :-)

Thanks for the tip.. I'll get looking...

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I think one of the Eduard Mig-21's might just have to be bought. Choosing which one though. That will be the hard part...

The R is not so common, but with eduard giving us a large choice of markings, it would fit the bill.

Otherwise, go for the MF, or the bis, with plenty of decals options, both in the boxes and in aftermarket.

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I'm also liking the look of the PFM. The North Vietnamese one on the box cover looks like a challenge. NMF is the way forward for these A/C in my eyes.

The MF has some interesting options in with the Slovak, Polish & Russian schemes.

The BIS has some interesting colours but none that are really grabbing me.

I think I may have answered my question... Thanks guys...

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