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1/48 Hasegawa Fw190A-5 & A-9


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Hey, why finish a stalled build when you can start a new one? Or two?!

Got these delightful Wurgers to build, both in beautiful 1/48 scale.

I'm going to do the FW190A-5 as Nowotny's two-tone green steed while in JG54 Grunhertz, and the A-9 as per the box art on the Hasegawa kit.

I've not got a lot of space or time at the moment, so I was going to go pretty much as basic as possible, but then decided to add a little here and a little there...



Couldn't help adding the canopy emergency jettison lever, fashioned from a strip of Swann Morton blade foil, twisted and glued in place.


Kit IP and seat, simple drybrushing. I will add Eduard PE belts later as they are the only thing really lacking with this kit.


Cockpit, added the pedal straps and map folder strap from thin slivers of tape.


The engine gear housing and the troublesome push rods. These simply pinged off the central piece when I was removing them from the sprue, so I hand drilled out mountings for some copper wire. Pain in the rear.

I tried, hopelessly, to paint the BMW sign on the bottom of the gear housing...


Any comebacks critiques or advice welcome!

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Wings are on. Did need a little dry fitting, but the join is pretty good and won't need excessive filling and sanding. I've chosen to leave the cowls off for the time being, to allow easy sanding of the wing fillet join, without trashing the cowling.


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Thanks for the comments Duncan and Mike. Yeah, it's a temporary workspace, so I'm having to be very neat!

Unfortunately the seams have split on both kits just behind the cockpit and around the top of the rudder while I was wet sanding the seams. Can't think why, but it is going to mean a cunning fix is necessary. I'm waiting for some Tamiya Extra Thin cement which will be used for this I think.

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Well, Tamiya Extra Thin hasn't arrived, but I managed to acquire some of the excellent Mr Cement S. Cracking stuff.

After cleanup and wet sanding joins and filled seams, it was time for paint.

I'm using Xtracolour RLM's for these planes. Excellent enamel by my reckoning - I'm happy with it so that works for me.

RLM 76 Lichtblau for the undersides - I'll decide later if I'll go with the crazy Eduard paint scheme for the A-9 or keep it 76 all over.


Having found the only option for a resin drop tank is the pricey and extensive Verlinden Luftwaffe underwing stores set, I decided to use the kit fuel tank for the A-9. Turned out ok.


The painted bits so far;


My airbrush suffered catastrophic failure after the last round of RLM 76. Wanting to conduct a full clean, the nozzle sheared off when I tried to unscrew it, so a new airbrush has been ordered. Can't complain, for a 'cheapie' it has served me well and I've learned a lot.

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I did exactly the same thing with my rather expensive Iwata CM-C+ last month. Stupidity on my part as I was in a rush when I should have taken my time, Anyway the Airbrush Company in Sussex did a wonderful job of fixing it and I had it back home 48 hrs from when I sent it away (along with my HP-CH which they also serviced at the same time), great service.

I used to use Xtracolour enamels for all my RLM colours, they always worked well and the colour matches looked good to me. My only complaints were the drying time and the smell, I switched to Acrylics a few years ago but still have them just in case.

I'm not familiar with the Eduard A-9 colour scheme, do you have any images of it to give us a taste of what's to come?

Duncan B

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Good progress so far!

I did exactly the same thing with my first airbrush, just slightly over tightened the nozzle and *ping* it snapped off in the little wrench. Lucky though I was able to get a small watchmakers screwdriver in the end to extract the broken thread so all it need was a new nozzle, but it was so frustrating! :banghead:

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No pic to hand, but the forward half of the underwing and undercarriage covers are painted RLM 83 Dunkelgrun. Strange, may stick with the Hasegawa RLM 76.

Hi Parabat,

It's quite likely that the A9 did have the forward part of the wing as a darker colour. Whether that's RLM83, 75 or something else is still conjecture but late war Wulfs certainly did have this kind of paintwork.

I look forward to seeing your choice.


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Well, wonders never cease! Found the Eduard instructions which show the underwing as a combination of RLM 76, 81 and natural metal. Might be an interesting variation from RLM 76, though a contentious issue which has its arguments for an against.


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  • 3 weeks later...

Some more work done on these birds.

Got the RLM81 overspray on the A9 underwing portion done, masked and sprayed the nmf panels too.

The A5 has had the wing tips, fuselage band and cowl chin masked and sprayed RLM04.



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