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Printable 1/72 maps for WWII diorama

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Morning all,

I'm (slowly) working on a1/72 airfield diorama to house my Lanc BIII Dambusters Special which will include a control tower amongst other things. Does anyone know of a source of reasonably realistic generic maps that work roughly in 1/72 or 1/76 that can be printed off. I want them to go on the walls of control tower and on desks.

Google's failed me so far, but I'm sure Britmodeller will come up with the goods!



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Hey Andrew,

You might be in luck, whilst researching various airbases I found these maps


The one with the three runways is similar to a Lanc base. If you copy the image into MS word and add a light beige filter to it before resizing, it should look pretty good.



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Great stuff, thx, Ben. Will give it a go. Have also been looking at railway modelling sites and they do lots of OO gauge signage for train layouts. I contacted Allan at Sankey Scenics (www.sankeyscenics.co.uk) and he's going to look into it - I'll see what he comes up with.

The other thing I can't find anywhere are 1/72 (or 1/76 or OO) sandbags - I want to build a small emplacement round a Bofors Gun. Am going to have a go at making some from DAS clay.



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