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Hello everyone,

I open this thread to show the construction of the MIG-15UTI, model which has as advanced trainer with dual controls for the former CCCP introduced into service in 1950 until well into the 1970s.
The model I have chosen is the Mig-15UTI of Hobyboss in 1/72 scale. It is a basic but correct lines and easily workable kit.
It is the first model in the series easy assembly that I build.
For GB's construction I will try that this aircraft was used as a trainer looks like the CCCP:
You can find the full reference at the following links:
I also want to try a couple of different techniques, including paneling with watercolors instead of oil.
The photos of the sprues:
Photoetched parts made ​​by me :banghead: :
Closed cockpit:
The test assembly looks good,
but I see that a weight will be needed in the front:
The solution is fishing weights:
The arrangement of the solution in the nose
Problem solved!
Final assembly waiting for paint
The roadmap is as follows:
1. Masking and inclusion of the transparent in the fuselage
2. Basic Painting
3. Highlight of panels and paneling
4. Decals and end model
Thank you very much for viewing this thread and comment.
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Wow, detailed start, I like it!

I like the easy-builds - doing the Texan at the mo - decent fit and good detail!

Good luck with this one.


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I built one of these for a previous group build. A nice little kit, but take care with the canopy - everyone seems to break a bit off right at the back trying to get it off the sprue. I did too.


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Thank you Pete, I think that the kit will look enough good with not a lot of work.

Thank you Andy. In the tests(proofs) of assembled I have experienced several problems of inflexibility with the kit in this part. I will have care...

Thank you, too, Paul. My intention is to take advantage of the original decals but to paint metallized as that of the first photo to obtain a original CCCP trainer.

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This is a nice little kit. I built mine as per the box decals.

Looking foward to seeing this come together.

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Thank you sir.

I couldn't see your photos on the works computer so only just

noticed you photo etch, well done mate for having a go at it, I have never

tried anything like this.

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Hello again,

We see my advances of last weekend.

First, transparent masked and fit:


The moment of the painting comes.

Tamiya XF-1 is the base:


Next, Alclad II Airframe Aluminium


Differentiating and marking panels + decals:



Black bands and transparent unmasking:



In the absence of the official photos I finish the model building thanking the cheers and advices received during these two weeks.

Comments are wellcome.


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