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MIG-21 R, 1/72 R.V. Aircraft

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Stunning, looks like these kits build up really nicely.

Like the finish, what paint was used?


Hello Martin.

I have used MRpaint colors ( http://www.mrpaint.sk/ )

green covers and front cone: MRP-32 Green For Wheels


kit: MRP-03 Super Silver Metalic

weathering: MIG Cold grey wash

some shading: Tamiya XF-18 smoke

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There have been quite a few 1/72nd scale Mig21s recently.

This is a very good thing indeed. :speak_cool:

And just like ForestFan, I now feel the need to make one myself. :lol:

But enough about me! What about this very purdy MIG21 you have here?

It is indeed a very purdy and unusual looking MIG21. :goodjob:

Have I missed it on a WIP or do you have details of this particular MIG21's history? :)

Thank you for sharing!

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