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New Photographic Setup

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Just got hold of a new setup for taking photos of my models. Basically just a 90cm tent and three lights. I'm quite pleased with the results (see below), although I fear it is going to show up my shortcomings as a modeller :winkgrin: . I borrowed on of my son's xmas pressies for this:

Daniel's Tractor by Caution Wake Turbulence, on Flickr

Thinking about getting one of those graduated backgrounds as they look quite neat!


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I too use a light tent. Great aren't they?

SD; light tents are available on ebay for as little as £8 (40cm cube) to much more.

I use an old flash with a 'slave' on the top, and flash on camera most of the time.

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Any chance of a photo of the tent and lights? I need to get my act together with model photography and could do with some pointers



Hi SD,

this is the one I got:


although there seems to be plenty of choice on eBay/Amazon etc. I chose 90cm because most of my models are on the larger size.



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If you can sort out lights yourself; [with digital any good lights are suitable].

this is similar to my smallest cube;


It will do up to a modest size 1/48th aeroplane. [i've photo'd my 1/48 Stuka in it with no bother]

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