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1/48 - IAI Kfir TC.2/.7/.10 two seats by Wingman Models - released - new boxing


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Openly presenting in ARC forums the Wingman Models philosophy and how they intend to improve their products, the brand co-owner, Andreas Klein, announced a IAI two seats Kfir 1/48th conversion set, so most probably for the TC.2 & TC.7/.10.
Source: http://www.arcforums.com/forums/air/index.php?showtopic=271175&view=findpost&p=2577088


Hello gentlemen!

Let me introduce myself. I am Andreas Klein co-owner of Wingman Models and proprietor of AirDOC. I like to thank everyone of you for your comments - positive as well as negative feedback.

I like to explain the situation that we are currently facing. About a year ago AirDOC and IsraDecals started a joint venture. Our intention is and was to create high-class models of interesting topics at a decent price. For this we wanted to combine the best materials high class resin, great decals, nicely turned brass and Kabuki masking paper. Our decals are printed by Cartograf, while the Pitots are from Master in Poland and our resin masters are printed in Israel on an high-end Envision 3D printer by MPM Modelling, which is also the importer of EnvisionTec printers for the Middle East. Much to our surprise a lot of critizism is raining down on us 1) in respect to the details and 2) to the printing.

For some weeks now we are trying to find out what actually went wrong. Unfortunately we were unable to detect any flaws in our files. The actual 3D data looks amazing and on the spot - being closer to the original then scratch building. But here is where our mistake in thinking lays: scratch building always over exaggerates the details while our designer prepared the files as is, meaning as the original would look like seen from 48 meters away. This is something we did not recognize as being problematic, as the files on the screen still look full of detail and crisp. Not so when printed - details become wishy-washy and without undercuts hard to accentuate e.g with dry-brushing. OK, lesson learned here for future projects we are having much more details included. This is not a field were we intended to save money but which simply wasn't clear to us. For our Fouga Magister project and the double-seat KFIR conversion we might also go back to scratch building at least partially.

The masters are a different matter. Today we had a very long chat with MPM Modelling about the problems we face and that we are currently cruzified also because of their "bad" printing. Today we learned another thing, which one doesn't need to know when using scratch built masters: the direction of printing. If parts are printed vertically e.d. a bulkhead standing up, the part is formed by adding layer by layer by layer leaving the visible horizontally lines. If you turn those parts that need a flat surface by 90° and have it printed horizontally then no lines are showing because they form behind the part. To be honest we did not know that and MPM did not tell us until now. So, for the future we will make sure that the masters receive our full attention before printing and that the printer will receive directions how to cast them. And if still some lines will show more buffing from our side....

Another issue was the C10 windshield. Over the last year we attended more then 7 to 10 modelling shows in Europe and we asked our customers and fellow modellers about vacu-formed parts and their acceptance with jet model community. The majority was against it so here the idea of sanding and buffing the C10 windshield was born. You will accept that we are not going to invest in an injection plastic canopy when the basic model is not ours. OK, all-in-all big mistake lesson learned the hard way. We have the vacu-formed windshields now available and we offer a set of two for as little as two Euros to be shipped to all of you who bought our kits without it (only the first 200 kits where delivered with out). And before the storm brakes loose why not for free because its the shipping and packing costs. We don't want the parts to arrive in bad condition so we will send them in blisters. Here I hope for your understanding, as the core of modelers contributing here in ARC and most probably wanting the windshields are from abroad... Oh, BTW, yes we try to stand beside you and not behind you ... thanks for the soap comparison.

Last but not least the lack of ordinance. The basic kit is the Kinetic KFIR kit, which in the original packing has 1) too short wing tanks and 2) Python III missiles. The tanks haven't been corrected yet by Kinetic so we cannot include those as plastic parts. The Pythons were taken from the Kinetic F-16I / Weapons kit. If we wanted to include the Pythons the retail price of the Wingman kit would be about 10 Euros (or 15 to 20 USD) higher. For Kinetic this is no problem as it's their own stuff. Why more expensive for us? The missile is only a small part of the weapons spruce. If we want them, Kinetic has to inject the whole spruce, cut the missiles off the tree and dump the rest. And I doubt you want to spent the extra money for injection plastic when some really great missiles in resin are out on the market.
So, if you intend to buy all items on their own what do you have to pay? One KFIR kit 35 Euros, decals 20 Euros, cockpit 15 Euros, C.10 conversion 15 Euros, Pitots 6 Euros and masking 6 Euros - summing up to 97 Euros or 130 USD. Not everyone is willing to pay this amount and with extra wing tanks we had to charge even more. Then we would not only have a discussion about bad resin but also about screwing you as well ...

The only thing we from Wingman Models can do is to apologize and hope for your understanding. There is a big lesson learned here and for our future projects we are going to find a better approach and will handle the main areas in a complete different way.

Best wishes to all!


P.S. Ra'anan Weiss is receiving hundreds of e-mails per week from all over the globe. He tries to answer them all but this is virtually impossible ...

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Released - ref. WMK48011

(limited edition of 250 pieces)

Source: http://wingmanmodels.com/wm/Pulsar/en_US.Store.display.151./wmk48011-israeli-air-force-kfir-tc2-superkit

Wingman Models – IAF TC2 KFIR Trainer Aircraft

This model kit enables you to built one TC2 trainer KFIR of the the IDF/AF.

WINGMAN MODELS SUPERKIT SERIES (limited edition of 250 pieces)

· One unassembled plastic model kit from Kinetic

· Detailed and accurate resin upgrades (nose, two seat cockpit, vacu-formed canopy, supersonic wing tanks, Mk.10 ejection seats, tires, LAU-7 missile rails etc.)

· Metal Pitot and AOA-probes made by Master from Poland

· Photo etched mirrors, cabin brakers and ejection seat handles

· Kabuki masking paper for cockpits and tires

· Extensive decal printed by Cartograf with a huge variety of versions of all Israeli Tayesets (squadrons) that operated the aircraft until the early 1990s.



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got mine today!

I am very impressed by the resin conversion parts! they look to fit well

very nice!, it even include the resin jettison-able super sonic finned wing tanks used on many Mirage III operators outside of France!

:) :)

one small point though, the pylons for the intakes are not included in this release.... they are shown on some box photos though :(

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Wingman Model Kfir TC2 in-box review:

Pictures source: http://www.shopofphantoms.com/rhino/Pulsar/en_US.Shop.displayShop.8171./wmk48011-iaf-tc2-kfir-trainer




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Images copied directly from HS. Copyright issue.
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New boxing - Latin American TC2/TC10 KFIR Trainer - ref. WMK48012

Source: http://www.shopofphantoms.com/rhino/Pulsar/en_US.Shop.displayShop.8330./wmk48012-iaf-tc2-tc10-kfir-trainer


WMK48012 Latin American TC2/TC10 KFIR Trainer

Wingman Models – Latin American TC2 and TC10 KFIR Trainer Aircraft

This model kit enables you to built one TC2 or TC10 of the Ecuadorian or Colombian Air Force respectively.

WINGMAN MODELS SUPERKIT SERIES (limited edition of 200 pieces)

· One un-assembled plastic model kit based on the KFIR C2/C7 from Kinetic/Hong Kong (WITHOUT BOMBS AND MISSILES)
· Detailed and accurate resin upgrades – highly detailed KFIR trainer nose conversion and cockpit, Mk.6 and Mk.10 ejection seats, reworked tires and front landing gear bay, GPS antennas and air-to-air refueling probe, standard instruments for the TC2 and a new glas-cockpit for the TC 10, two vacu-formed canopies plus windshields for the TC10.
· Metal Pitot and AOA-probes made by Master from Poland
· Photo etched mirrors, cabin breakers and ejection seat handles
· Kabuki masking paper for cockpits and tires
· A super decal printed by Cartograf with a huge variety of versions of FAE (Fuerza Aera Ecuadoriana) and FAC (Fuerza Aera Columbiana) aircraft.








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