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Soviet Victor III Class Submarine - 1/350 scale

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What Para said....! Nice to see that double prop, too! Must have made sonar recognition nice & easy, eh?

What do you use for the keel blocks, Ken?

Thanks for all the kind words......

The kit provides contra props or a single seven-bladed scimitar prop - in both plastic and etched brass.

I elected to fit the plastic contras because they looked most interesting.

The keel blocks are cut from lengths of 5mm square wooden dowel purchased at my local hobby shop.

I'm trying to make a collection - with a consistent look.

So I use the same style of base (MDF, varnished to look like wood), with keel blocks to show off the sub as though it were in dry dock (with a little artistic licence).

The boats names are the same style - and where possible I use the 'real' name - although for the Soviet subs I have to make do with the NATO classification.

I could use the Soviet 'Project' number - but I think the NATO designation is more useful - the more modern Russian subs now have known names (Yuri Dolgoruky, Severodvinsk etc) - so its getting easier.

I also add the country flag - and, if available, the ship's badge - all found on t'internet.


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