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Right i've been working on this for the past few evenings.

It's the Revell IDS kit from the black panther boxing, i've pinched the Gr4 bits from the otherwise crappy Airfix kit.

Pretty much built as is but i jave added a few homemade aerials probably not 100% accurate but they look the part.

so on with some photo's







The canopy isn't affixed yet as im still deciding whether to stick some blokes inside.

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and now pre shaded and a top mist of tamiya medium sea grey (RAF) this shade seems to suit the tonka



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Good job so far. Very impressive work. .

I think it will add to its stupendous overall look if you were to put pilots in the cockpit..

There are a few pilot figures on the ICM website.


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ok so was at work today :weep: so i had a quick coat of vallejo gloss this morning, and started on the tail decals after tea this evening. obviously the decals are sized for the airfix tail so are slightly the wrong shape for the revell kit, but a bit of trimming and they fit ok.


a bit of a touch in on the blue stripe, and another coat of gloss and the slight ghosting of the carrier film will hopefully vanish.

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Right time for an update on the Tonka, Got most of the decals on, I opted to give some of the tiny stencils a miss as they're pretty much invisible.

Time for some photo's





Another clear coat then a mild weathering to come, Anyone know if the wheel hubs are meant to be white, or light grey?

excuse the fuzzyness of the photo's

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Beautiful piece of work, it's nice to know this combo works. I'm looking to do the same but using a Model Alliance FLIR pod.

One question or observation, did this jet have the dark markings at the front of the wing gloves? I don't recall having seen them on the jet at Leuchars but I could be wrong.

Very nice build indeed.



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Sorry Charley, didn't mean to throw a spanner in the works at the last minute. I only picked it up as I'd been doing my homework on this bird for my own build at some point.

If it's any consolation I think I've done the opposite, in that I've NOT put these markings on my 14 Sqn anniversary jet that probably should have them!


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