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AEC Matador AFV Club


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Hello all.

Please may I add an armour model kit. I saw this announced at the IPMS UK Nationals. Rumour of a AEC Matador artillary tractor.

I see now this is released by AFV Club. It is the early version and would have prefered the late version however a kit most wanted I am sure.

I see the RRP tag though is £49.99.


I wil certainly have one. Then what about conversion to late and even an RAF refueller. !!!!

Thanks for looking.

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Same thing happened when Tamiya released the 1/35 Austin Tilly.

I've got a feeling that Accurate Armour may have an issue as the mainstream manufacturers start releasing more British equipment. German armour's pretty much mined out now - ICM's started on the trucks and light vehicles. :hmmm:


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The same thing is happening with the European resin manufacturers. A lot of their bigger kits are due to be usurped this year as Trumpeter release the 2S7 SPG, SS-23, and SA-8 Gecko, all in 1:35.

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I think a similar thing happened to Accurate Armour when Trumpeter released their Faun Elephant SLT-56 Tank Transporter also.....although you can still get there Faun decal sheet

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I got the AFV Club Matador last week and it is wonderful. Been waiting for this for ages and well worth the wait. We sold all six that we had in stock at my Hobby Store on Friday, mostly because it can be made into so many different versions.

Look forward to making it.

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