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Camouflage & Markings, Eastern Front 1943. SAM Pubs

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Camouflage & Markings, Eastern Front 1943

Scale Armour Modelling


This is a first for SAM Publications, a book on the armoured fighting vehicles of the Eastern Front in the Spring and Summer of 1943, which is when the Battle of Kursk took place. Starting with the background of 1943, it moves on to explain tank production of both sides, including numbers built, numbers of lend lease etc. Of particular interest is the chapter concerning German regulations over colours and their usage. The photographs are refreshingly new, some are familiar but the majority are not to this reviewer at least. There is even a Willis jeep in yellow camouflage and in use by the German army. The colour plates are scattered throughout the book and show familiar vehicles such as Tigers, T-34s, and Panthers, but there are also SPG’s, halftracks, anyone fancy building a green Matilda? There are a number plates for tanks used at Kursk, with their unit markings, camouflage and charts of army components for both sides. There is also a summary of events of how the battle was fought.




Although this book only has sixty five pages it is packed with useful information, particularly for the modeller with some very unusually coloured vehicles that would make great subjects to model. As a first publication in this field SAM have set the bar high and I look forward to seeing what else they decide to publish. Highly recommended. My thanks to Dave Wardle, (Panzer Vor!!!) for reviewing this book.

Sample provided with thanks from SAM Publications

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