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P-39N, Academy Minicraft 1/72

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I m quite new on BM and found this group build thread recently. I hope you wont mind if i post one my kit here, it kinda goes under your KUTA rules, but i finished it in middle of november 2013, so if it is out of rules, i m sorry.

So this kit was under my bed for over 15 years, untill i came back to models like 2months ago. The kit was almost completed (fuselage, wings and tail joined), so it needed just the undercariage, propeller, gun barells (used aires resin barels and ofc managed to break one while painting the kit) and ofc painting. It was first kit where i used airbrush and some techniques (post-shading, wash, never did it before). Sadly over the years i lost some parts and the canopy was in realy bad condition.. because i thought it ll be just aibrush test subject, i left it as it was (now kinda feel sorry for that). But after all, i was quite happy with the finish, probably bcs it was first kit finished after so many years :)

I hope you wont mind me posting it here then.








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hah thanks:) there are many failures on the kit but as i said, its first kit after my returning and as that i have special feelings for it:) from these old times i have il-2 (eduard 1/72) and b-17g(academy 1/72) unfinished, but you know, i was quite kid yet back than and the kits are half screwed.. but i guess i ll give it a try and save them:)

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