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Messerschmitt Me-109 Detail Sets. 1:32 Eduard/Brassin

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Messerschmitt detail Sets

Eduard/Brassin 1:32


Revell produced are cracking kit in their 1:32 Me-109G-6 particularly for the price, but it have some shortcomings and Eduard believe the detail also needed to be spruced up. With this in mind they have released a selection of sets for this kit, and an additional one for those modellers who would like to use the kit in a diorama. All these sets can be found in the Big Ed set or bought separately, it’s entirely up to the modeller to decide how much detail they would like or need to add. The relief etched brass is up to their usual high standards yet the instructions still let them down and really should be clearer on how parts are folded and fitted.

Detail Set (32788)
The two sheets contained in the standard poly sleeve provide parts for both the interior and exterior, so no need for separate sets. The majority of parts are on a medium sized relief etched sheet whilst the smaller sheet containing the cockpit parts is mostly pre-painted and self adhesive. For the cockpit the set includes a new seat support and panel for the rear bulkhead, new seat pan, a pair of very well detailed rudder pedals, trim wheel control chains and support bracket. The instrument panel is made up of several layers with the instruments printed on the backing plate, as other sets of this nature a drop of Klear or Aqua Gloss will be needed to represent the instrument glass. On the side walls there are several new or replacement instrument boxes and pre-printed faces, along with new cable runs and pipework. Each of the alternative gunsights receives new reflector glass supports, lens surround and brackets.


Externally the set provides new radiator front and rear grids, a new intake grille, internal fittings for the radiator housings and main wheel bays; brake pipes and replacement lower undercarriage leg doors. The ailerons are given new end plates and the slats are provided with new internal lip strips. There is a nicely detail aerial mounting bracket on the tail fin and strap for the drop tank. Finally, each of the alternative canopies receive new armoured back plates and handles for the windscreen frame.


Interior Zoom Set (33128)
This zoom set contains only the above pre-painted sheet and allows the modeller to build a well detailed cockpit without the hassle of getting bogged down with detail that might otherwise be deemed superfluous.



Tools and Boxes (32351)
For those modellers that want to use their model in a diorama, whether in a workshop or on the line then this two sheet set will be just for you. The main part is the carry case, which, once folded to shape is fitted with four carry handles, two per side. Into this are fitted four shelves, two shallow ones for the general tools, such as spanners, snips, hammers, cutters and the like, (all provided), and too deeper ones in which the more specialist tools are held, all safely kept in place by various spacers and locking parts. Also included is a large tool roll, which when assembled and painted up should look great lying on a wing on the grass by the aircraft. The roll is also well populated with the more popular tools such as screwdrivers, cutters, rule, adjustable spanners etc.



Seatbelts (32784), and (32791)
These two sets of seatbelts give more choice to the modeller, they can either buy the all etched brass set, which is pre-painted and go through the process of annealing to make them more flexible to sit in the seat pan correctly, or go for the fabric ones which should sit more naturally. Both sets come with a full selection of buckles and clasps and whilst whilst quite fiddly to assemble they will really help make the cockpit stand out from the crowd.





Brassin Wheel Set (632 018)
In addition to the etched sets Eduard, in their Brassin range have also released this set of replacement resin wheels. The inner and outer hubs, plus the tyres are all separate, making painting so much easier. Detail is also enhanced with the tread looking very nice and the brake details more representative. Once removed from the moulding blocks it shouldn’t take to much cleaning up before they are ready for use.



This is another great selection of sets from Eduard, who seem to be churning them out like it was going out of fashion, yet keeping the standard high. The tool box set is my favourite and I hope they produce more diorama sets in the future. The rest of the sets will go towards making the finished model look top notch, particularly when the Brassin wheels are used as well.

Review sample courtesy of logo.gif

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