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Here's my first completed build for 4 months. It's the Testors Roswell UFO in 1:48th scale. I actually built it last September, but I rushed to finish it prior to moving house and was never happy with it. So I stripped it back, re did the seam work, and did a repaint. I decided to go for a distressed look, to better convey the subject matter. The base silver is just a HumbroL rattle can with weathering a mix of Tamiya acrylics, Flory washes and Tamiya powders. Really sorry about the pictures, I can't figure out Gills camera.






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It's an interesting shape, it certainly bucks the trend as far as other flying saucers and weather balloons go.

The shape reminds me more than anything of some of the lifting bodies that were falling out of the sky in the 1960s, or how someone who had seen one briefly might describe it.



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