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Almost finished Spitfire

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Hi all,

First things first. I am dreadful at doing a full WIP, this is the second time in a week that I've posted the tail end to a build (sorry)

Very keen to show off my new Spitfire. Built to stand alone as well as be in a diorama of Kastrup airbase (Copenhagen) with the captured FW190 I just made!

Belts are painted Tamiya tape with PE harness locking things glued on the end



So far the vac form canopy has been cut open and painted in HU78 as a base layer and interior framing. Not yet glued on.


Here are the adversaries that make unlikely acquaintances


The Spit will be weathered with ink then pastel before getting a matt varnish. After that, the lid will be painted and glued on, then all I have to worry about is making a diorama, however I have a 1/72 hangar in the post...


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Had a disaster with the matt enamel :(

Two new tins from humbrol and the paint is pale brown in colour. Not to worry I thought, it'll be fine. Mixed it and sprayed. Came back later and the ENTIRE model was covered in a white waxy substance. Something is very worng with that matt paint, it's more like painting with paraffin blocks. So i sprayed it with thinners and wiped off all the rubbish before giving it a high gloss cote to cover the remaining few bits. Need to buy rattle can matt varnish!





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Hur-hur,FR.XIVe,one of my favorite Spits :devil: ,all grunt and great looks.

Is it the current Humbrol Matt Varnish you've used Ben?

If so,yes,it's a mare to get it to play properly.

DO NOT brush it at all,your model turns chalky white.

Cut it heavily with turps or white spirit and build it up in very thin coats sprayed

at about 10 to 12 psi.

Don't get the surface too "wet",it'll dry white.

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I used Humbrol 49 that I brought only last week. It was light brown so I thinned it heavily. The first test coat I did on an old fuselage looked alright so I went ahead and sprayed as usual (cover the entire thing) then it slowly turned white!?!?

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The model is looking a bit of a mess at the moment as its sating with patches of gloss and matt. Im picking up a matt rattle can tomorrow so hopefully a few coats of that will finish the job!

Also did a bit of detailing on the cockpit interior adding ribs to make it more real.

Not sure if i should scratch build the canopy latch or leave it out....

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