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Airfix 1/72 Avro 504k

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Crikey, everyone's out of the blocks already!

Well I'm yet to photograph my kit, which is the old Airfix one. I'll do that as soon as I can. Plastic bag, a bit old and fusty, decals the colour of organic vanilla ice cream... not altogether promising. But that's OK I'm not a very promising modeller, so unpromising kits feel right at home.

Anyway, I'm going to try my hand at putting this livery onto my unpromising Avro, taken from the replica on display at the Brooklands Museum:


There's a whiff of post-WW1 surplus about it and plenty of PC10 to play with but I'm going to try and print those sections onto white decal paper in order to get the lettering done. So many models I want to do have white lettering on them, and without an ALPS printer the only thing to do is reverse the process and print the colour.

So that's an aluminium paint job with sections of PC10-coloured decal paper. And rigging. More to follow...

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Wow, last bubble pack I had was home to a hovercraft (which I opened!!)

Good luck on this one, have a soft spot for the 504!


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Thanks everyone, glad you like the idea. I've been to see the beastie today and it's a bit easier - wings are in fact aluminium dope top and bottom. As is the fuselage top and bottom. Only the sides of the fuselage behind the rear cockpit and the rudder are PC10. The large civil registration on the top and bottom wings is also PC10.

So I need to order some white decal paper from Crafty Computer, when it arrives I'll scale the lettering to fit the side of the 504k, then print off the fuselage panels as oblongs of PC10 with the lettering in place. If I leave plenty of room to spare I can lay the fuselage halves down over the finished decals as a template to cut around.

The registrations on the wings I can do using the same PC10 shade but on clear paper.

Sounds simple enough...

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