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Grumman A-6A Intruder decals. 1:32 Super Scale International


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Grumman Intruder decals

1:32 Super Scale International


Two new sheets of decals for the Trumpeter 1:32 Grumman A-6A Intruder have been released by SSI and they’ve been kind enough to send them here for us to look at. Each ziplock bag contains a medium sized sheet of decals and a full colour plan that not only shows the decals positioning but also the correct colours to use for the model. They are printed by Cartograph of Italy, so you can get an idea of the quality of these sheets. Both sheets only contain the national insignia, unit markings and items such as rescue arrows and intake warning triangles, there are no other stencils, which isn’t a problem as they are on the kits decal sheets. They are very well printed, in good register, slightly glossy and are nicely thin. The carrier film isn’t too intrusive except between the larger lettering and tail markings which could have been printed separately to alleviate this, but should be ok on top of a good gloss coat.

  • SheetMS320264 contains markings for A-6A 500 BuNo.156995 of VA-95 “Green Lizards” based on-board USS Coral Sea August 1974


  • Sheet MS320265 contains markings for A-6A 503 BuNo.156995 of VA-115 “Arabs” based on-board USS Midway May 1973



These are a very nice pair of decal sheets that will look great on the completed model and will make a pleasant change to the kit markings. They will certainly add a dash of colour to the standard grey and white scheme of the day. From experience, the decals should settle well with your favourite softening and setting solutions. Highly recommended

Review sample courtesy of logo.gif

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