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Britjet's 2013 major effort to finish some long term stalled builds & some new stuff


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Busy year for me with lots going on, which meant at times I needed some space to do 'my stuff'. Quite often forcing myself to finish some from the shelf of doom, including a few that only took a couple of hours work to complete. Not too sure why some builds stall like that but probably the sight of something new and shiny!

Mostly Soviet stuff which is one of my major regular themes, but something from all of my interests as well as a couple from well outside my normal comfort zone.....

Anyway, my output for the last twelve months;

An-2, Italeri kit with home made decals. More photos


An-8, Amodel straight from the box.


An-10, Amodel straight from the box. Always wanted to build something in this scheme.


An-14, VEB Plasticart straight from the box. Been in the stash for years and a real pleasure to build. More photos


An-24, Amodel with home made decals. More photos


An-26, Russian Project kit with home made decals. More photos


An-30, Amodel with home made decals. More photos


An-32, Amodel with home made decals. More photos


An-71, Amodel/Toko with home made decals after the kit ones disintegrated in the water. More photos


An-74, Toko with some home made decals. Filler queen! More photos


BTR-80, Trumpeter and BTR-60, ICM both straight from the box. These two just appealed as something different and look good next to the Antonovs.


Mig E-7PD, Amodel straight from the box except dorsal intake door improved.


Mig-23PD, Art Model straight from the box except dorsal intake door improved..


Yak-7, unknown manufacturer with home made decals.


Yak-30, Amodel straight from the box.


Yak-32, Amodel straight from the box.


Yak-36, Art Model straight from the box. Nice kit but the instructions are a bit vague in places.


Rotachute, Fly Models straight from the box. Thought this would be quick build but there were too many fiddly bits for that!


MD80, Minicraft 1/144 with Two Six Adria decals. Had this and the Airtours one 90% built for ages just waiting for the decals. I don't normally venture outside of 1/72 scale except for aircraft I've flown on. Flew on this on my honeymoon to Gran Canaria.


MD80, Minicraft 1/144 with home made Airtours decals. Flew on this to Menorca.


757, Minicraft 1/144 with Draw Decal Thomson decals. I know this kit has issues but apart from altering the angle of the engine pylons and adding the winglets, I left it all well alone! Flew on this to Corfu.


Mosquito, Airfix with home made ETPS decals. Quick build.


Oxford, Frog/Novo with home made ETPS decals. Added a cockpit/cabin interior, metal engines and the astrodome. Soon as I'd finished this one, the AZ kit was announced - let me know what you want a new kit of and I'll build the old one......


Olympia, AZ Models with home made ETPS decals. Very quick build.


Meteor prone-pilot, MPM straight from the box.


Bluebird K7, Record Models straight from the box. Spent many years on the shelf of doom but didn't take much to finish it in the end. One of my earliest memories is watching the news of the accident and I always wanted to do a model of K7 but from an earlier and happier period. So this is from the 1964 run that gained the speed record in Australia. I'm going to add a brass nameplate to the base to completely finish it but the model is done. The colour looks a bit washed-out here and the blue background probably doesn't help.


Hope everyone has a good 2014.


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This Adria MD-80 is really awesome! Since my first flight was with DC-9 and since I am from Slovenia I always dreamt of having one of this on my desk,.... but I am not really in position to build one (young kids=NO time at all) and I really must ask this, is it for sale :bye:

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Thanks guys. Sorry for the slow reply but I was away all of last week.

Zmago1 - Get the kids interested from an early age and they learn how to handle models without damaging them. Also they tend to leave them alone as they're not anything new to them. We never moved anything out of reach of the kids and never had any breakages. Both of my daughters, now 17 and 20, still enjoy making models and it's given them the skills to make other things. Sorry but I wouldn't sell the model as it took me 20 years to get around to doing it and I'm really pleased with how it turned out. My advice would be to get the kit (it builds very easily) and decals and have a go yourself. Two-Six do decals for the DC-9 as well as the MD80.

Kev67 - I use CorelDraw to do the artwork, Experts Choice decal paper and Halfords clear lacquer. I only cut the decal paper with scissors as using a scalpel blade does seem to cause more of a ridge, there will always be a ridge but a coat or two of Kleer once the decals are on helps to level things out.


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