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Hobby Boss 1/35 Land Rover 110 Defender Soft Top

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Built this straight from the box with a few deletions and additions. The vehicle represents a Land Rover 110 Defender from 250 Medical Squadron Territorial Army based at Westward Ho Barracks Grimsby. My brother learned to drive in this vehicle before his deployment to Kosovo during the Balkan crisis in 2000. The model is a 50th Birthday present to him from me.

Hope you like my first attempt at military vehicles the driver and the soldier stood are both from the Tamiya 1/35 Land Rover Ambulance kit, the tarpaulin back is made from some cloth used for curtains I bought it from a local shop up here in Lincolnshire called Boyes £1.50 /meter square great value. Sprayed it Valeo NATO Green and let it dry thoroughly then wet it with water to soften it up and draped it over the roll bar frame using 560 canopy glue to fasten it in place. the edging is 3M Durapore surgical tape to finish off the reinforcing strip. Registration Number and Red Cross markings are home made decals.









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A nit pick I Know, but your Squaddie is wearing 58 patern webbing with no pouches. The front of the yoke on 58 pattern attatches to the belt via the ammo pouches and won't hold together otherwise. It should also be OD. By 2000 the 95 pattern webbing was general issue, in both OG and DPM.

Nice Landie though :)

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Thanks a lot for all the comments My brother was as you all said well chuffed. John W yes I did notice that the stood soldier had the 58 webbing yolk fitted as it has come from the earlier Tamiya Series 3 Landy kit, I left off the pouches deliberately to help "Camouflage" the fact he was from an earlier era. To much bother to try and remove the Yolk without damaging the rest of the figure so painted straight over it, hoped it would not show to much but us Anoraks know better, As an ex RAF Policeman I wore CS 95 a lot so I did know the difference. As a side note I built this kit whilst convalescing from major Stomach and Bowel surgery to remove a Cancer Tumour back in October and early December. Thankfully now on the road to recovery. Happy New Year to you all.

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Like that, nice simple little dio too. I've built a couple of the Hobby Boss WMIKs with a couple more to go, nice little kits. Glad you're mending. :goodjob:

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First things first.. Hope you're feeling OK and recovery is going well.

The 'Rover looks very good, well done and thanks for showing.

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