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My last of the 2013, AZ Model's Rogozarski IK-3 indigenous Yugoslav pre war fighter. 12 of those were in use in the april war when Germany invaded Yugoslavia.

Painted after some old pix I found on some ex-yu websites and magazines.

The model itself was not the easiest one around, and is missing a lot of small details such as balancing weights for ailerons, gun sights and small antenna mast on the vertical tail.

Some shape issues were also discussed on the Yu forums, but I chose to disregard them and do it as simple as possible.

Painted with Gunze H314 for the undersides, and Tamiya acrylics XF-64 Red Brown, HF-58 Olive Green over XF-60 Dark Yellow for the uppers. Wash from AK Gray deck washes for ships range, which I found it accidentally and can really recommend it, and MM matt cote sealed this one off.

Well enough babbling, here she goes:












Wish you all a happy and productive New Year

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Thank you all,

Yes the story behind it is rather interesting, and researching it (and the others), is something that I enjoy as well.

It definitely does look a lot like a Hurricane, and just to add some spice, the same plant was actually assembling Yugoslav Hurricanes at the same time.

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Nice to see something completely different looks like a cross between a Hurri & a French Fighter....superb!

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Really great job on a previously unknown aircraft, have to agree about the hurricane lookalike with a MS406 tail grafted on, and early example of designer cut and paste maybe ?

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Thanks again.

Where and how can I arrange for specific things to be given to me on my b-day Manipled? I wanna part of that!

Sorry I missed this one before. Well, you could start by talking to my parents but they may well say that they have their hands full just buying for me...

The way I see it, by sourcing a proportion of my own presents, I get just what I want, the givers get a happy recipient and, because I am quite a canny shopper, they get a goodish price too - so everybody wins!

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