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1/48 - Dassault Mirage IIIE/O by High Planes Models/PJ Production - CADs - release in 2015


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It is about time someone did a modern kit of the IIIE.

I find it bizarre no major manufacturer has done it given the number of countries that used it and all the conversions that spin off it like the 5, the 50, pantera, cheetah etc.

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Thanks for sharing this piece of welcome news Homebee!

Now if PJ Production scale up thier resin sets, we might also see the IIIR/RD and also the Swiss Mirage family as well. I hope the IIIBE/IIID is also in the pipeline,

Roll on the arrival of the IIIE/O. 2014 could be another expensive year for us Mirage fans.


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Glad someone's continuing with the IIIE, Pilot Wings seem to have cancelled the Mirage IIIE/5 and Kfir series they announced.

Paul Harrison

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I dont want to pour cold water on things however i have seen their 1/72 offering and to be frank did not think it was up to the standard of say the latest Airfix kits in the same scale , it looked pretty basic and was lacking finesse in my opinion especially in the panel line department, overall detail was good as were decal options , it was not cheap around $40 locally i think ,

However having said all of that i am very keen to be pleasantly surprised and i hope Bruce is correct and if so i for one will be in line to buy a few as it is one of my favourite all time Aircraft

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Still in the HPM's 2015 programme (despite the Kinetic MIIIE release http://luckymodel.com/scale.aspx?item_no=KI-K48050).

Source: https://www.facebook.com/HPMHobbies?hc_location=timeline

We will be closed over the Christmas period. Last orders will ship on Monday 22 Dec and normal business will restart on 5 January. As ever, we would like to thank everyone for support during the year.

So what will be released in 2015? The following are in the final stages.

1/72 Kits

ENAER Mirage Pantera D [multimedia new]

ATLAS (Denel) Cheetah D [multimedia new]

GAF Jindivik [multimedia re-release]

Bristol Beaufighter Ic [multimedia re-release]

P-51 Racer Jeannie [multimedia new, based on Airfix]

1/48 Kits

Dassault Mirage IIIE/O/5/50 [injected new]

P-51 Racer Jeannie [multimedia new, based on Tamiya or ICM]"


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Mirage IIIE / 5F / 5BA - PJ Production - 1/48e

Pictures of first test shot.

Decals for the Mirage 5BA will include BA-15 & BA-30 of 2nd & 8th Sqn Belgian Air Force.

No release date yet.

Source: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.264972213658499.1073741829.240342542788133&type=3






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