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Embraer 120 Brasilia kits


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Hi guys,

The other day, due to low visibility at its destination airport, an Embraer 120 Brasilia of Air Moldova diverted to our little field. I was very happy with the way the pilots maneuvered the aircraft into the assigned parking stand [long story on local conditions...] and would really like to attempt building a scale replica of "Ema" :heart::)

I know of the Pas Models 1/144 kit which I'm sure looks very nice when completed, but since the actual aircraft is already tiny in its 1/1 guise is there perhaps an 1/72 kit that I could make use of? If so, any idea where to obtain one at this moment?

Happy Holidays!


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Just to give credit where credit is deserved.
I know we have had some bad experiences with a certain as#$%^^& in Brasil, Poland, etc,
but as far as Liberty Quality, Odair continues to provide me with some exceptional service
all the way from the World Cup 2014 host.....Brasil.
I recently received a couple of gorgeous kits, 1/72 Bandeirante and an incredible EMB 120 Brasilia.

And....1/72 ATR and Beech 1900D about to be released.


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