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Welcome to the Training Types Group Build.

Thanks to Mish for setting the GB up and, as always, Mike and the Mods for providing the BM community.

Whatever the genre of modelling it is usually the glamorous types which get all the attention. The front-line combat fighters or vehicles. The supercars. The ships of the line.

But the people who fly, drive and sail these things have to start somewhere. Usually with a trainer!

Trainers tend to be the unglamorous types hidden away in the background. They only tend to come to the fore when adapted for a more glamorous role - maybe a combat role. This is unfortunate as there are many exotic types used as trainers, usually with interesting and colourful schemes.

So... the spirit of this GB is to bring those little known gems out into the limelight and give them the accolades they are due.

To help you make your choice, we have a few guildlines.


Any aircraft which was designed specifically for the training role. A proviso is that it must be depicted actually in that training role. So a T-28 in COIN fit would not be eligible but one in orange and white would. An Avro Anson in Coastal Command patrol colours would not eligible but the same aircraft in a Training Command scheme would.

Any aircraft which is a training version of a combat type. It must be designated as a trainer (e.g. TA-4J, Harrier T.4) and wherever possible also be depicted as serving with a training unit or conversion unit. It is understood that some air forces do not have the resources for dedicated conversion units. In the cases where conversion training is carried out on a squadron, then squadron markings are acceptable but the builder must justify this in opening comments.

As an example RAF Harrier T-birds on the OCU would be eligible,RAF Harrier T-birds on a squadron would not. RDAF Draken T-birds are acceptable in squadron markings as there is no dedicated conversion unit.

Target tugs, training drones and drone controllers are eligible.

In addition anything that is featured in both volumes of RAF Trainers by Neil Robinson can be included.

Combat types serving with training units are not eligible. For instance, Tornado GR.1T, Spitfire Vbs with stripy cowlings.


Most vehicles can be used for training without any modification. It won't therefore be suitable simply to slap an L-plate on the vehicle. However, a car painted in Driving School colours would certainly be eligible. A number of AFVs were only ever used in the training role.


Many ships are used for training after they have been withdrawn from front-line service. A ship must be depicted in its training role with any modifications which are necessary to accommodate that role.

The usual GB rules also apply:

1. The GB will start at 0001hrs GMT on Saturday 4 Jan 2014. It will finish at 2359hrs on Sunday 4 May 2014.

2. All builders must post a thread in the GB forum and illustrate their build at suitable intervals. A little bit of background to the subject and some sprue shots of the kit itself would be nice. :D

3. Kits are to be no more than 25% completed at the start of the GB. If you have any concerns about this, please contact the hosts.

4. There will be a poll at the end of the GB. As usual, the prize is karma and the adulation of the BM Massive. :lol: To be eligible for the poll, all builds must be entered in the gallery before the end date of the GB.

5. Builds entered in the gallery may have no more than five photographs to illustrate it. There should also be a link to the build thread. No comments in the Gallery please. Any comments should go in the relevant build thread.

6. This is the most important rule, Have Fun! :D:thumbsup:

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