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MIG-21 R, 1/72 R.V. Aircraft


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Cockpit glued into the right half


the seat colored:


the body glued togedher:


airbrake glued: into closed cinfiguration, because the R pod will be added


and the cockpit inside the mig:)


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Prepared wings. Not ready. There is need to attach some resin parts on the end of the wings. I will post photos after its done(the PE parts are in the kit):


I starded working on the mig body also. This is he last status


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Very nice build. Congrats to you for the build and Mr Radek from R.V. for the kit!

I'm only afraid that the color is too shiny for mig-21. What do you think? Didn't those planes had a more dull metal surface?

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Brilliant work.

I ordered some Mr Paint, it's great stuff. With the Metalics did you have to put a gloss black base down or did you just spray it over the base you had in the photos?


yes, black base was used.

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