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Slow progress

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Not produced much art recently - spent a lot of time getting back into Blender 3D software to finish the Lightning I started a year or two back .

Finally managed to produce grey virtual plastic versions of the F1 , F3 and F6 /F2A versions . These are a bit rough but will serve as artists dummies for composing and lighting future acrylic on canvas paintings .

Took the Mk6 model and pursued mastering the material/ texture aspects of 3D modelling - not a great result but a happy accident meant I stumbled on a finish that looks like aluminium in some lights !

The last bit of conventional art was a quick Tornado GR4 in reheat to see how that would look in pencil . Not bad but a more finished piece would be better.




3D models in Blender software for use as artists dummies :




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Wow, that's different. What a fantastic tool for setting up a composition...once you've done all the work to create the computer models! Very impressive.

I like the GR4 drawing too. Very atmospheric, and your use of the white page really conveys the power of the reheat.

As for 'slow progress', that's the story of my artistic life!


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