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Hasegawa F-4G Phantom II (A Group Build No Show)

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I never thought that I'd ever get an entry into the KUTA group build series but this one is well deserving of an entry. I bought the kit sometime in the 80's and, like all kits we buy, it was going to be the next one built. Result - failed, and it waited until the group build in 2011 before it came out of the loft. I'd added a few extras over the years and planned to add at least some of them. So off I set to finally build it. Result - failed miserably, and here we are today with a mission to get it done and in the display cabinet. So without further ado here's where I started: -

I'm going to build the Hasegawa 1/48th F-4G with a few extras.


Next pictures are of some, or all, of the extras that may end up on this build: -



And that is as far as it got before a few weeks ago. I first set about getting the intakes fitted, which went without too much fuss: -




Then came the cockpit which was the usual Aires combination of great detail and poor fit. All painted up now though and ready for fitting: -








and as usual, all that effort to paint it up only for it all to disappear once the sides are on: -



I also got the main bits taped together just to make sure that nothings going to trip me up later: -


So, a long first post but a mission to finally finish this one begins.

Back with more soon


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That's an awesome collection of extras and I'm sure this will look terrific. What scheme are you planning? I hope you're going for a nice Spangdahlem bird in Euro one.

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Thanks Les,

Filler - It's going to be a Spangdahlem F-4 for definite but I'm afraid that boring greys are going to be the order of the day. I need a break from time consuming paint schemes and this one's about as simple as it gets, hopefully.



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Well Christmas is now just a memory and it's time to get back on with some plastic. I've got most of the hard work done on this one now and it's almost ready for some paint, just a few seams to tidy up and the glazing to add. I was undecided on using the resin pylons as I didn't want to have to sand the moulded on bulges under the kit wing. I guess that they are supposed to represent the sway braces / plates but they are a bit heavy. So, they had to go which wasn't that bad in the end as there's plenty of plastic behind them and no holes to fill once gone. I've also managed to get the mind numbing clean up of all the undercarriage parts done and these are ready for a coat of paint too. I'm determined that this won't become a three time fail in it's build career so more soon and just a few pictures to show where I'm at: -




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Cheers guys,

Time for an overdue update,especially if I'm ever going to get this finished. I cut open the pack of True Details pylons for this one and, on first impressions, they looked like they would save some work. However, after a closer inspection, they are the British Leyland equivalent of resin casting, bits you don't need and missing bits you do. I've got 4 outer pylons, of which I need none, and no inner pylons which were the sole reason for wanting to use this set. This is an older True Details set in cream resin and I've no idea if the grey resin sets are better, but these are awful. Long story short, I ended up rescribing the kit pylons and using some of the resin details to add details. I also scrounged a AGM-88 HARM missile from a Hobbyboss F/A-18 kit in the loft and an ALQ-131 Pod and mounting rails from various Hasegawa weapons sets.



Next up was a nice soapy wash - the kit, not me and a masking session for the canopy. After that I went to find my primer of choice and discovered I haven't got any any which I'm still not convinced about because I don't remember emptying the last bottle. My back up plan was to use Alclad Grey primer instead and I'm happy with the outcome. Here's how it all looks now ready for some top coats:-







Lastly a piccie of those gorgeous Royale Resin wheels resplendent in Gunze Resin primer. I've used this for the first time due to never being able to get paint to stick to the resin strongly enough to mask over. Hopefully this will be better but time will tell.


I'm getting there and with a fair wind may cross the line in time but, either way, more soon.


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Good progress Pete,

It's annoying when you shell out fit resin bits and they're useless! I've added TD wheels to my F-15, they are very nice, but are the newer grey resin.

Alclads a great back up primer, I've found it goes over resin as well, never had a problem with paint lifting over that.


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