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MiG-21M - peoples republic of bulgaria

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Here I will start in this forum with my MiG-21M from eduard backdated from the MF-Kit.

I used the Brassin Cockpit, Exhaust and wheel set within phozo etched sets.

Hope you like it...







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Wow, very impressive model and nice representation. The older Hungarian markings are not often displayed and the base looks really good. Udo.

PS: Please more of your work.

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Hello Guys,

thank you very very much!

I didnĀ“t thought that you like my model (bulgarian not hungarian) so much.....

Here is one more pic from the Cockpit area.



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Hello again,

i mixed three colors for this cockpit from Gunze.

one is the basic "russian green" a "light grey" and a "blue", sorry but thats all I know, i havent noticed it......




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