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I finally got to finish (or at least nearly) my Airfix Javelin, made as the Boscombe Down red/white XH897.

It was going to be OOB, but I ended up with 3 Master Hunter pitot probes, 2 Neomega seats, and a set of A2Zee's etched vortex generators. I also replaced the stall warners, added a conical gizmo to the port wing trailing edge and the camera port to the nose. The nose art decals were drawn in CorelDraw then printed on an inkjet - but I'm sure A2Zees will be better.

It's not perfect - I need to fix one error in the paint and redo the canopy framing - I tried to cheat with white decal film but do not like the effect. I also overdid some of the weathering a bit.











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Goodness me Tim, you have done an amazing job, don't focus on the bits you want to change, enhance. Instead enjoy the recognition for a job really well done.

Cheers Pat

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I'm not a great fan of the Javelin but this is an excellent scheme and beautifully executed. You've gone some way to making me a convert!



Exactly how I felt. Your beautifully crafted model has made me think again.

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That's a super rendition of XH897: you're far braver than I for tackling that colour scheme. Please can you expand a bit on what you did with the stall warners? I've (briefly) read Alley Cat's instructions but a word from someone who's been there would be greatly appreciated.

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